Ezienyi Club holds annual prayer session

Ezienyi Club holds annual prayer session

As part of its annual activities, Ezienyi Club, Arochukwu held its annual prayer session on Saturday, the 12th September, 2015 at the Mafoluku residence of one of its patrons Arc. Chima Chijioke.

The event, a fasting, prayer, supplication and thanksgiving to God almighty for his plenteous blessings, provisions for umu Aro, was witnessed by many umu Aro domicile in the nation’s commercial capital, Lagos.

Scheduled to commence by 12noon prompt, the event took off at about 3pm with melodious songs from Darlington and Friends. Two Aro men of God, Rev Sam Aka and Rev Emma Ogbonnaya Okereke, were invited by the club to offer prayers to God on behalf of the people and town of Arochukwu.

While Rev. Sam Aka led the prayer session, Rev Emma Okereke preached the sermon with many reaffirming their faith to God Almighty. Prayers were offered for Arochukwu, its traditional council and people. Many prayed for the restoration of the community’s lost glory.

As was to be expected, many came fasting as earlier requested by the club with the fasting session ending at about 5pm, after which fruits were served and immediately followed by well prepared sumptuous meal which was taken in a buffet after which an interactive session took place.

In his speech, Mazi Dan Ogbonnia Okereke, president of the club, thanked all who found time to attend the function. He informed that prayer session was one in the series of activities embarked upon by the club every year for the betterment of Arochukwu as enshrined in its motto ‘Oganivu Aro’’. He noted that at a time like this, such a forum is appropriate. Mazi Okereke also informed that the club’s scholarship scheme is still ongoing and that some brilliant but indigent umu Aro have been chosen to benefit from this year’s award.

Present at the day were Mazi Emma Kanu Ivi, Mazi Dan Kanu, Arc. Chima Chijioke, all patrons of the club. Others are Mazi Naira Okorafor, Mazi Udo Chijioke, Barr. Joy Chiori, Mazi Emma Nnaekpe, Sir Patrick Asonye, Mazi Julius Imuoh, Mazi Kingmoore Kanu, nollywood actress Benita Nzeribe, members of the club and others too numerous to mention.

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