Leadership crisis resolved, peace returns to Ndi Okwara


His Royal Highness, Eze (Amb) Charles Kanu Okoro, Ezeogo Atani community, Arochukwu, recently resolved the lingering leadership crisis which pervaded Ndi-Okwara, one of the four units that make up Atani community.
The national leadership of Ndi Okwara Development Union (NDU), had been locked in unhealthy relationship with its home branch counterpart over who has the final authority over policies operational in the unit.

Aro News gathered that crisis erupted when the national body of NDU led by its President-General, Smart Nwachukwu (PhD), released a reviewed the list for marriage ceremonies within Ndi Okwara families.

The marriage list was said to have been approved by eight out of nine branches of the union in a national meeting attended by all branches, but the home branch led by its chairman, Mazi Azubuike A. Nwosu, allegedly rejected the document, contending that the national body lacked the power to deal with issues bordering on matters of tradition such as marriage.

The situation generated by the disagreement degenerated to the level that, while some families in Ndi-Okwara applied the list approved by national body of NDU, others preferred the ‘old list’ thereby promoting disaffection among the kith and kin.

The situation was said to have necessitated the intervention of the traditional ruler of Atani community, Mazi Charles Kanu Okoro, who invited the feuding parties to his palace for a parley. After the presentations by both parties, Eze Ogo Kanu Okoro observed that failure by some people to accord respect and recognition to constituted authorities has been the bane many organizations.

Accordingly he admonished NDU members to always respect the authority of their national leadership, emphasizing that Smart Nwachukwu, NDU President-General, was democratically elected. In like manner, Mazi Okoro also urged members at home to extend similar respect and support the leadership in home branch and at higher levels for peace to reign. Noting that respect is reciprocal, Ezeogo Atani urged the national leadership of NDU to always carry every branch along in its policy formulation, advising the President-General to constitute another committee to review the recently approved marriage list, which seemed to be the ‘crux of the matter’.

Both parties separately thanked Ezeogo Charles Kanu Okoro and his cabinet for their interest in the affairs of Ndi-Okwara and for restoring peace to the unit. The parties also presented different kinds of drinks to express their acceptance of the resolution of the matter.

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