IK Onu honoured

IK Onu honoured

History was made in Arochukwu on the 23rd of September, 2015, at the Obinkita Hall during the annual ‘Ekeodu’ festival, one of the events marking the Ikeji celebrations of the Aro Kingdom.

It was a special day for the “Ezeagwu and Okwaragwu” kindred of the Arochukwu Kingdom.

At the occasion, Mazi (Elder) Ikechukwu Nwakanma Onu, Ugwu Atani, President, Aro Okeigbo Social Club of Nigeria (AROSON), Patron, Atani Welfare Union Abuja branch added another feather to his cap as the Ezeagwu and Okwaragwu Kindred conferred on him the title of “Okaa Omee” of Ezeagwu and Okwaragwu. He was honoured alongside other illustrious sons of Arochukwu like Dr. Joyce D. Nkemakolam, “Onwa na Achara Oha” and Mazi Ndubuisi Okereke (Chris Linda) “Osimiri Atata” all of Ezeagwu and Okwaragwu kindred.

Ik Onu was represented at the event by Mazi Chekwas Albert Oti, President, Atani Welfare Union, Abuja branch and 1st Vice President General of Atani Welfare Union, worldwide.

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