Case Against Eze Agbagwu and 7 Others Struck Out


A case of conspiracy and acts likely to cause a breach of peace instituted against Eze Ogo Agbagwu, Mazi Isaac Onoh and seven others, has been discharged by an Ohafia Magistrate Court.

The case brought against Elder Onoh, Okita Ukpabi, Ogbonnaya Abah, Anicho Otusi, Ogonnaya Okoronkwo, Okereke Madunta, Rev. Agamnetochi Onoh and Ukoha Ojukwu, by late Mazi Anwa Ukpabi about five years ago, was discharged by the Chief Magistrate of Ohafia Magistrate Court, Mr. E.C. Asonye, on September 17 this year. He also acquitted the accused persons as they instantly regained their freedom.

The matter was originally supposed to be tried at Arochukwu Division but was moved at the instance of the prosecution counsel, O.A. Torty Esq. who felt that justice would not be obtained on the presumption that the Chief Magistrate of Arochukwu Division is a ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church as Elder Onoh, who also has three Presbyterian Reverend Ministers in his family.

The Chief Magistrate of Arochukwu Division, Elder Ogwo Kalu Ogwo, defended the reasons why he would continue hearing the case, but transferred the matter to Ohafia at the instance of the complainant and his counsel.

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