Sad news as antelope kills famous hunter


Tragedy reportedly struck in Ugwuakuma Village, Arochukwu, on Monday, January 4, 2016 as a famous hunter in the village, Uyo Okorafor, lost his life to an antelope which his trap caught.

Believed to be about 58 years old, Uyo was said to have informed his family members at about 3pm on that fateful day, his intention to go check his traps but failed to return home. By sunset, and his whereabouts unknown, his wife raised an alarm and informed Eze Ogo Ugwuakuma of the development explaining that her repeated phone calls to her husband were unanswered. The Eze Ogo advised her to go home after calming her down with a promise to mobilize youths at sun rise to organize a search party for her husband.

At sunrise the next day, the Ezeogo summoned male youths of the village and informed them of the development. The search party was then led by Uyo’s wife into the forest as she knew where most of her husband’s traps were located. After going to most of his traps without success, she informed them of another trap at a different location. The search party proceeded with her to the location and a few meters to the exact location of the trap, the party saw Uyo’s footwear, his cell phone and ‘snuff box’ on the ground. Moving further, they saw a trapped antelope already killed; and further down was Uyo’s lifeless body.

On further investigation, it was discovered that Uyo had dealt machete cuts on the animal and perhaps misjudged that the it was dead, so as he tried to strike another blow, the animal gored him on his right groin with its horn. He moved a few meters away, pulled down trousers to his knees and tried to use his palm to stop the blood flow from the wound the antelope had inflicted on him. Unfortunately for him, help came too late, and he died lying in the pool of his blood, after successfully killing the animal.

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