AROSON donates water borehole to general hospital…appoints new patrons

IK Onu honoured

The Aro-Okeigbo Social Club of Nigeria (AROSON), under the leadership of Mazi IK Onu, has continued to blaze the trail in development activities in Arochukwu. The club has left no one in doubt about its commitment to uplift the fortunes of Arochukwu community. The latest recipient of its benevolence is the Arochukwu General Hospital.

On December 28, 2015, the club commissioned a bore hole project and 5KVA generator it donated to the General Hospital. The event witnessed a large turnout of members of the club and staff of the hospital who converged on the premises of the hospital at Baraki from noon.

Elder Onu thanked members of the club for their support so far and charged them not to relent in their efforts to bring development to the ancient kingdom.

On what informed the decision to site the borehole, Elder Onu noted that cleanliness is next to godliness, and it was an eyesore hitherto to see nurses and auxiliary staff of the hospital carry buckets of water on their heads from a distance whenever there was a procedure in the hospital. He decried the neglect of hospital by successive governments and called on the staff of the hospital to put the facilities to good use.

Responding, the Medical Director of the hospital and other members of staff thanked the club for the gifts. They noted that water made procedure in the theater less tedious. And as a sign of appreciation, a nurse at the hospital joined other members of the club to donate towards fueling of the generator to power the borehole whenever there was power outage.

Highlight of the occasion was the commissioning of the borehole by Elder Onu supported by members of the club and the hospital staff.

Later on the same day, a party and investiture of two new patrons of the club held at the country home of the club’s president, Elder Ik Onu in Atani village.

Food and drinks were served in an atmosphere of fanfare, accentuated by good music. As the night approached, the party atmosphere changed to a more serious business of patrons’ investiture.

The club later recognized Mazi Emma Kanu Ivi and Mrs. Edet as its national patrons. History was thus made in the sense that it was the first time in the annals of AROSON that members of the club were made national patrons. Hitherto, all its national patrons were not club members.

Responding, Mazi Ivi and Mrs. Edet pledged continuous support to all laudable projects of the club, while also opening their purses and keyed into the several activities of the club. The party progressed till the wee hours of the morning.

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