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It is now a tradition that the spokesman of Nzuko Aro, Ambassador Eugene Okey Immoh is expected to speak on a number of issues bothering on the policy formulation and direction of the present Nzuko-Aro team in every edition of Aro News.


ARO NEWS: Let me start by congratulating Nzuko-Aro on their performance at the just concluded Ikeji Aro Festival. It was described as the best in over forty years (40).

P.S.G: Thank you my brother, it’s God’s doing and we give Him the praise. Indeed, the festival will remain green in the minds of Umuaro worldwide. Many did not believe what they saw. It was the first time we saw all villages participating, excellent packaging of the event, great innovation. MTN, Nigeria Breweries all joined and made the event unprecedented. It was a carnival of a sort. Those who came around will remain grateful to that wonderful package. For example, our Diaspora brothers from Aro Ajalli and Arondizuogu promised to be part of the 2017 Ikeji festival because of what they saw. Nzuko-Aro is also grateful to the Ikeji Aro Committee chaired by Dr. Orji Ogbonnaya Orji. We promise to replicate what happened at the Ikeji Aro Festival on Aro Day 26th December 2016. Join us again!

ARO NEWS: We understand Nzuko Aro held C.E.C. Meeting before Eke-Ekpe day, what were you discussing?

P.S.G: Of course, Aro issues were on the front burner for discussions. Aro progress and development were our focus. The good of Aro kingdom was discussed. First we got the report of the committee handling Ikeji Aro festival on their preparations and we were satisfied that all was set. We also got the report of the committee set up to plan the Nzuko Aro women election. The report was adopted and they fixed their elections for the 29th October, 2016. The C.E.C. also discussed the deplorable condition of Arochukwu-Ohafia road and agreed that it would continue to draw the attention of government on the need for the contractor to return to work. On Okobo road, Nzuko Aro frowned at the unfulfilled promises of Abia State government to rehabilitate the road before Ikeji Aro festival and their blatant refusal to allow Nzuko Aro patch the road as earlier requested. We agreed that no matter what strategy the government is using to block Nzuko Aro’s interest to work on Ndi Okereke- Abam- Arochukwu road, we would make more attempts before taking the final action on the matter. Meanwhile, the money contributed to work on Ndi-Okereke- Abam road by Umuaro is still intact and it is very likely, we would mobilize caterpillars into the Ndi-okereke- Abam road this month if the government continues to play politics with the Aro roads.

ARO NEWS: Are you saying now that Nzuko-Aro has started work on Ndi-Okereke- Abam-Arochukwu road?

P.S.G: Yes, I think we can rightly say that we are there now. We would do the needful to ensure that the road is motorable because of its shortness to Aro community.

ARO NEWS: What about Nzuko-Aro women elections, has it been done?

P.S.G: Yes, I heard the election has been done, I’m not holding brief for them it’s entirely a women affair. Recall that after their report to C.E.C. in September 2016, they agreed that their elections would hold in October. We heard the election has taken place and produced Lady Bright Elekwa as the new President-General of Inyom-Aro. If that is true, the team will present themselves to Nzuko Aro and Aro people on Aro Day hopefully.

ARO NEWS: How about the case filed in court against Nzuko-Aro by Charity Achinvu on this issue?

P.S.G: The case is cold by my own assessment. In any case our legal adviser has more on the issue. Nzuko Aro is not bothered about that anymore. We’re moving ahead and believe that Inyom Aro has a new team which would work in partnership with us to ensure that Aro is moving as expected. This team will not take any distractions from anybody or group of people who want power by all means. You can’t rule people by force. Those who have lost should accept defeat and join the new team.

ARO NEWS: What do we expect on Aro Day 2016?

P.S.G: Great expectations from Umu-aro I thing. Looking at what Nzuko-Aro did at the 2016 Ikeji Aro festival, it is obvious everybody will be excited to come see what will happen and the committee in charge of Aro Day 2016 is doing everything possible to ensure that the package is worthwhile and a harvest of goodies. New innovations will come and the package will be a thing of history. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Thank you to, to Aro news especially our good friend Mr. Ugochukwu Okoro, the managing editor of Aro News who has been of great help to us through social media and other related media coverage. We sympathise with him too on the loss of his father to death. I trust that Nzuko-Aro team led by Mazi George Ezuma will partner with him when it is time for burial. Let me also remind Umuaro to be law abiding during the Christmas festival. Let’s celebrate the Christmas in a very peaceful atmosphere. Hoodlums should lay down their arms security operatives (the police, the army and civil defense) should be up and down during the celebration and ensure that those who will ferment trouble are made to face the long arm of the law. Let me on behalf of Nzuko Aro wish you all happy Christmas and a prosperous 2017.

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