Nzuko Aro grades ‘’Okobo’’ and internal roads


Keeping to the promise it made to Umu Aro at its maiden Central Executive Committee in Lagos in June 2016, Nzuko Aro has commenced the grading of the Ndi-Okereke-Abam-Arochukwu (Okobo) road starting from the Amuvi axis of the road.

After initial hitches to its plan to provide umu Aro with motor able road before Ikeji as it promised during the June meeting, the union made headway when the authorities in charge gave it clearance to proceed with the grading.

Recall that at the meeting in Lagos, the Union appealed to umu Aro to make financial donations towards grading the road to alleviate the sufferings of umu Aro who ply the road on a daily basis. The appeal met positive response from umu Aro who opened their wallets and responded to the clarion call.

Armed with the donations raised, the Union sent an inspection team to the road to ascertain how many kilometers of the road needed urgent rehabilitation. With its findings, it wrote a letter to the Commissioner for Works in Abia State, Hon. Eziuche Ubani, informing the government of its plan to grade the road. The request met a brick wall as it was informed that the contractor handling the project will be directed to return to site by the government to continue work.

After waiting for several months without the promise made by the government been carried out, the Union made another appeal to the authorities and this time, its request was granted.

The grading will cover about 18 kilometers from Amuvi to the bridge.

In another development, the umbrella union of umu Aro, Nzuko Arochukwu under the leadership of Mazi George Ezuma (Ugwu Aro) has commenced the grading of internal roads in the ancient town to alleviate the suffering of people who will use the road this yuletide and beyond. The roads include Ugwuavor to new layout, Akama to Amangwu, Avia ovuru to Ibom, Ujari, Utuhugwu and Amuvi roads.

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