AROSON elects new national officers


In the festive mood of Christmas last year, members of Aro Okeigbo Social Club of Nigeria (AROSON) gathered in Arochukwu to elect a new set of officers to steer the affairs of the club for another three years. It was a twin event – national convention and election.

Date was December 26; venue: Atani Hall. The atmosphere was convivial, devoid of the anxiety that characterizes most elections.

In groups of twos and threes, members of the club from different branches started filing into the venue as the time approached.

With merrily dressed members seated, President of the Club, Elder Ikechukwu Onu, welcomed all, to set the balling rolling for the events of the day.

Highlight of the first stanza of the event was the presentation and ratification of the amended constitution of the club. As customary with AROSON, there was no dull moment, as conducting the business of the day went on simultaneously with merriments – drinks and snacks.

Done with the convention business, elections into national offices were conducted by the Club’s National Patron, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa(who was appointed Chief Electoral Officer), assisted by Lady Eucharia Oti.
In the wisdom of the leadership of the club, the exercise was structured in such a way that none of the nine national offices was acrimoniously contested. Indeed everything went so smoothly that in 30 minutes, the election was done with, and the national officers emerged seamlessly.

Those elected are as follows: President, Mazi Emma Okorafor (Naira); Vice President, Arc. Godwin Nwachukwu and National Secretary, Sir Patrick Asonye. Others are: Mr. Precious Ogemdi Ngwu (Assistant National Secretary); Mr. Precious Chinatu Okoro (National Publicity Secretary); Mazi Hyacinth Okoronkwo Ofoelue (National Treasurer); Mazi Jombo Ajunwa (Chief Whip); Mazi Nnameh Obaa (National Financial Secretary) and Mr. Henry Kanu (National Social Secretary).

Bear hugs and back-slapping followed the elections, signifying accomplishment and wisdom on the part of the organisers.

Earlier, the Club honoured three of its past presidents, namely Mazi Byron Irokanuno, Mazi Ogbonnaya Udoagwu and Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa with award of National Patrons.

Apparently to unwind and shake off the officialdom of high-table talks, the club hosted an all-night dance party at the residence of another of its patrons, Mazi Emma Kanu Ivi, in Asaga Village. It was a night of fun!

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