Disgruntled Umu Aro shamed as they drag Aro News to anti-corruption agency


A dastardly plot hatched by some umu-Aro to cause a major calamity has been uncovered. The conspiracy is said to be the brain child of some principal officers of the past EXCO of Nzuko Aro who were not satisfied by the verdict of the committee it constituted to settle the ‘ownership tussle’ it engineered with the current shareholders of Aro News. It would be recalled that following the purported investment by Nzuko Aro in the community newspaper which was not proved before the Elder Onoh-led committee that adjudicated the matter, and failure to take-over the medium illegally, the architects of this intrigue were not happy.

Accordingly, they threw civility, due process and caution to the winds and surreptitiously engaged the services of a Lagos-based law firm who filed a petition against Aro News, its founder and shareholders before a federal government anti-corruption agency. Those behind this devilish plot, who are said to be beneficiaries of honor awards in the community, cleverly concealed the move to achieve maximum harm. The offense committed by the accused persons was that they denied them opportunity of taking over what is owned by umu-Aro and Arochukwu kingdom.

While few people who have come to the knowledge of this wickedness are finding it difficult to reconcile the fact that people with Aro blood in their veins could go to that extent due to selfish interests, the targeted persons are taking it in good faith believing God that it shall be a futile endeavor, hoping that these characters shall come to repentance. According to them, “these persons are our brothers and we still love them, and our conscience is clear because our aim is to see Arochukwu become an exemplary community to the pride of all”. However, they warned that time is running out on these people because there is a negative consequence for every action that is not rooted on truth, love of God and mankind. Aro News, they reiterated, “belongs to umu-Aro and the efforts of the shareholders is to have it institutionalized such that it can smoothly operate with or without the involvement of individuals or groups. Moreover, every nwa-Aro is qualified to be a shareholder”.

One man who is conversant with this development which is yet, a top secret, informed our correspondent that these individuals are being monitored and shall be unmasked publicly before umu-Aro in no distant time unless they show remorse and become legacy oriented as past community leaders.

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