Nzuko Aro Lagos branch scribe loses mum


Mrs. Christiana Oyidiya Anicho Idika (Nee NNENNAYA OJI) was born in 1930 into the family of Mazi Oji Iyoku and Madam Mgbafor Okereke both of blessed memory in Nde Anwah Eziukwu Compound –Agbagwu Village, Arochukwu.

She lost her parents at very early in life and thereafter was brought up by her two elder brothers Mazi Ogbonnaya Oji and Mazi Johnson Agwu O. Okereke-the war lord both of blessed memory.

She did not matriculate in the halls of any renowned Institution because of the early loss of her parents and the then belief that formal education is not meant for the female child. She never had to but was a student of the wisdom of our great traditional culture. She inherently knew things the Institutions taught. She also knew many important things such institutions can never teach with her wealth of God given wisdom.

Mama got married to late Mazi Anicho Idika from Nde Onoh Mgbocha Compound, Ugwuakuma Village Arochukwu Abia State in 1952 and they wedded at the Presbyterian Church Agbagwu Arochukwu. The union is blessed with six children, twenty six grandchildren and sixteen great grandchildren among whom is Mazi STEVE ANICHO; Secretary Nzuko Arochukwu-Lagos branch.

She was an astute subsistence farmer and petty trader. She was a very hard working woman and a good economist whose principle of life was “Had work never kills”.

Mama loved God with all her being; she was a chorister during her youth and a great singer “ogene oluda” of our time and a good dancer.

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