Abuja hosts Nzuko Aro Women’s wing CEC


By 5.00 pm, on Friday, 16th of June, 2017, Nugget Hotel at Utako area of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, started receiving Inyom Aro from all parts of the country. As the women arrived one after the other, Utako and its environs noticed that something unique was in the offing.

The unique decor within and outside the hall brought smiles on the faces of delegates who started settling down after a long journey. The accommodation was on its own inviting. From 8.00 pm, dinner was served, as more delegates arrived. At about 9.30 pm, a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting was held, in preparation for the D- day. The arrival of delegates, both from the center and branches was indeed very heart warming. It was a first impression and it mattered a lot.

The meeting proper started at about 10.00 am, after a sumptuous breakfast the next day, 17th of June. The Nugget Hotel Conference Hall was filled with array of beautiful, intelligent, and elegant women; who exhibited a high sense of comportment and decorum, during the proceedings.

Before the business of the day commenced, the newly adopted Nzuko Aro Women’s Wing Anthem was sang, and received with applause. This was followed by a heartwarming welcome song and cultural display by the host branch, Abuja.
Nzuko Aro Abuja branch, Men’s Wing really demonstrated their love and support to the present Central Executives of Nzuko Aro Women’s Wing; by turning out en masse to welcome them, and also appreciate them the Aro way (Ikpa Nganga).

The Secretary General of Nzuko Aro Worldwide, Sir Anicho Okoro, addressed the women on the current trends in Aro; briefing them on the latest developments on Aro/Ohafia, and Okobo roads, as well as the governor’s visit to the site. He also appreciated the women’s wing on their support and loyalty to the umbrella body – the men’s wing; encouraged them to remain focused as the court and Nzuko Aro Worldwide have certified the Nzuko Aro Women’s Wing Worldwide the authentic women’s body in Aro.

Meanwhile, assorted menu was served as deliberations went on. Top on the agenda for the day was the 2017Annual Mass Return, and the women’s proposed project.

At the end of the business of the meeting at about 6.00 pm, the women took a break, refreshed, and re assembled at about 8.00 pm for a night party. It was huge fun, as the women danced away blood pressure, and recession. There were also assorted menus, begging to be consumed.

The June 2017 CEC meeting of Nzuko Aro Women’s Wing Worldwide hosted by Abuja branch was rounded off on Sunday, 18th of June, with a courtesy visit to distinguished Senator Mao Ohuabunwa (KSC), representing Abia South Senatorial Zone. In his usual manner, he did not fail to demonstrate the Aroness in him, by lavishly entertaining the women, as well as, “kpasi wo nganga”. He did not fail to brief the women on the efforts he has made to bring government’s presence to Arochukwu, particularly the deplorable road. He promised that he will not relent in this responsibility until success is achieved. It will also be right to mention that distinguished Senator Mao Ohuabunwa ( KSC), has been a pillar of support and encouragement to the newly inaugurated Nzuko Aro Women’s Wing Executive.

The entire Abuja CEC activities wound up with another important courtesy visit to Hon. Uko Nkole, member representing Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency, in the House of Representatives. Hon Uko Nkole, who is also an ardent supporter of Nzuko Aro Women’s Wing, briefed the women on the efforts he has made to see that work on all Aro roads are realistically achieved. He also entertained and appreciated the women. Mazi Orji Ogbonnaya Orji, was also on ground to welcome Nzuko Aro women.

One major issue that remained sacrosanct in this two important courtesy calls, was Aro roads. Our two worthy representatives in the Red and Green Chambers showed their commitment through their briefs, that they are committed to the rehabilitation of these roads, because it is their responsibilities. They earnestly asked for our prayers to succeed in the seats we voted them into.

Delegates departed to their various destinations, and to the glory of God, it was a safe journey both ways.

by UK Oti

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