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Aro News: We want to first congratulate you on the double honours bestowed on you by God. You were recently ordained a deacon in your church and shortly the President General of your community, but if we may ask, how do you feel about these honours?

P.S.G:- Thank you my brother. It is God’s doing and it is marvelous in my eyes. My Ordination as a deacon as ocastrated by the pastorate of the World Force Christian Center, led by Pastor Henry Chuks was great and eventful. It is the best of all my honours. It is so described because it is another dimension to serve God and even better. Now, if you look at the book of Timothy, you will know the biblical duties and responsibilities of the office of a deacon. You have to be a Pastor, a church worker, Counselor and above all live an exemplary life style. I thank the church for the honour done me and promise to do more in the service of God.

As for my election as the new President General of my community, Ugwuakuma, it was a very difficult decision for me to take. Even for me to stand for the election. The fact is that I am a totally busy person, serving humanity in all capacity. So in all honesty I will not want to be a P.G if I have a choice. But my people want me because they needed new things to be done to the union that brought Umu-Ugwuakuma in one umbrella which was almost dead and needed to come alive again. So I was the “Moses” they chose to lead the union to the promise land for now. I have started well with the new Exco and new things have started happening. You will hear more as we go on.

Aro News: What is trending in Nzuko Aro Now?

P.S.G: Thank you my good friend. Nzuko Aro is moving forward despite all distractions as organized by a frustrated few that don’t believe in us. But again the truth is that when you are doing well, you should expect envy and jealousy from those who failed in their own opportunities. Of course, you don’t expect the past Nzuko Aro administration to celebrate Mazi George Ezuma led administration that have better plans for Aro development and growth. However the new administration is not concerned about how people feel about us. The one year we have spent so far has touched the lives of every Aro man and woman. We are ensuring that there is peace and security in the community. We have embarked on the rehabilitation of even government owned and our local roads. The 2016 Ikeji festival still make news today as the best in 40 years.

That will not be all. We have had two C.E.C meetings this year so far. The first one was held at the Olive Gate Hotel in Enugu State on 25th March 2017. Far reaching decisions were taken in the interest of Aro community. First, we preached the Gospel of peace in the community for development to follow. We need the cooperation and support of the traditional rulers of the kingdom to also give rest of mind to the new administration to work.

We also discussed security and how to strengthen our relationship with security operatives in Aro. The issue of disagreement among women were also discussed and agreed that we cannot go against the court decision on the matter and called on Mrs. Charity Achinivu led women to be brave enough in defeat and join the reorganized women group led by Mrs. Bright Elekwa to work for the good of Aro community. Other issues discussed at the meeting included the Nzuko Aro web site, the situation of our hospital in Aro, the audit report on the past administration. Each of these items were examined by heads of committees appointed to handle them. Other critical issues looked at were the 2017 Ikeji Aro festival scheduled for this September whose committee is also headed by the one and only Dr. Orji Ogbonnaya Orji. Recall that because of the way 2016 Ikeji festival was handled the entire team that organized the 2016 Ikeji festival were returned to handle that of 2017. The next issue that gave C.E.C a nightmare was the trouble in Aba branch of Nzuko Aro. A group of members from Aba branch wrote a petition to C.E.C against their leaders alleging mismanagement and fraud in their branch and called on C.E.C to stop a scheduled election of the branch till there is proper accountability of their funds. The C.E.C in its wisdom after serious deliberations on the matter set up a nine man committee to look into the allegation against Aba branch President and other issues related there off.

Mazi Solomon Nnorom, President Umuahia branch was made the chairman of the committee. Their terms of reference were to hear from all parties concerned and make recommendations on how peace would be restored in the branch. The C.E.C also suspended Aba branch election scheduled to hold on 26th March, 2017 adding that the branch President, Mazi Kanu Ezim and his executive will continue in office until the committee summits it report to the C.E.C and a decision taken. There were other issues discussed at that meeting before it adjoined for that day. The second meeting also took place in Calabar in July 2017. It was also a very colorful meeting because attendance was great. We have to thank Nzuko Aro Calabar branch led by Mazi Chijioke Okoro, for that lavish hosting of the meeting. We are particularly grateful to them for taking us round the entire Calabar city to see areas of interest, more so some Aros that assumed highly recognized traditional stools in Cross River State. The meeting re-discussed issues that featured in March 2017, meeting. For example, we got good reports on preparations made so far to make 2017 Ikeji Aro better than that of the last year. It was also a plus that Dr. Alex Otti has kept his word to rehabilitate Aro civil centre for use on Aro day 2017. J.C Imuoh, Nzuko Aro representative, told the meeting that work is going on there day and night.  The applause was overwhelming.

The C.E.C frowned at the lackadaisical attitude of the audit panel checking the account of the past administration of Nzuko Aro and advised them to come up with their reports and recommendations during the C.E.C meeting at home in September or get reviewed. The women’s wing President General, Mrs. Bright Elekwa also announced that their mass return will hold on 21st of October and called on Nzuko Aro Executive and prominent Aro sons and daughters to join their celebration. Another key issue that nearly rocked down the peace of the meeting was the submission of the panel’s report and the acceptance of all recommendations made on Aba Branch by C.E.C The President General, Mazi George Ezuma while accepting the report, thanked the committee for an excellent job, adding that Mazi Solomon Nnorom led committee was thorough in their report about the trouble in Aba Branch and thus made the work of C.E.C easier. But trouble began when the panel’s report was read by Mazi Chinatu Okoro, who represented the chairman of the panel who was unavoidably absent at the meeting. The pronouncement of the dissolution of the election held on 26th March 2017, by Aba branch and other decisions taken there-in saw Mazi Allex Ikwuagwu led team leave the hall and routed back to Aba in protest. The President General of Nzuko Aro, Mazi George Ezuma, however, appealed for calm at all fronts, reminding all parties the need to give peace a chance to allow Aro grow. He also appointed a five (5) man caretaker committee headed by one Dr. Ngwaogu to take over the management of Nzuko Aro Aba branch for six (6) months before conducting election that would usher in new leadership in Aba.  He used this opportunity to call on all great Aro sons and daughters to prevail on Aba Branch to adhere to the decision of C.E.C to promote peace and harmony in that branch. Aro kingdom is facing a lot of trouble for now and that is not good enough for the peace and development in the community. The PG also made a clarion call to prominent Aro sons and daughters to join the women in their mass return slated for 21st October. 2017 at home.

Aro News: What are the challenges?

P.S.G. My brother, there are always challenges in one’s life whether you are doing well or poorly. But the most important thing is that you have to remain steadfast and focused. Today, Nzuko Aro has distractions all over the place; We hear a lot about plans to derail our focus and plans to offer better services to Aro Kingdom than those we succeeded. There are those hunting our progress in forms and manners. Madam Charity Achinivu’s issue with women is a distraction to an extent in spite of the court order.

But in all of these, we sue for peace and understanding so that we can execute the plans we have for the Kingdom. This administration is loyal to the traditional stool of Eze Aro and his council. We believe it is an ancestral stool we have respect for and that respect cannot be eroded in any guise and manipulations. We plead for the understanding and support of Eze Aro palace, Eze Ibom Isii, Eze Eze Agwu and the 19 Eze Ogos to the present Nzuko Aro. For in all sincerity, we are poised to do new things in the Kingdom before our tenure is over. Those fanning embers of trouble should sheath their sword and allow the breeze of development enter kingdom Aro. These enemies of Nzuko Aro are clear enemies of Aro and should be avoided. Whoever is aggrieved should seek dialogue to resolve such an issue and not putting fire on a building and asking who did. Aro unity is not negotiable.

Aro News: Will that be all?

P.S.G:- Well, it may not be all but for now, we have to take a break. Another C.E.C meetings will take place during the Ikeji Festival. It is my hope that all stake holders will attend. Let me thank the Mazi George Ezuma led Exco as they strive to better the lots of Aro community. I will also extend my greetings to the Patrons, especially Prof. Okoro Ijeoma, Mazi Kanu Ivi, Mazi Dave Imoko and others for working in harmony with this new team to ensure that Aro Kingdom is better than we met it. I also call on Umu Aro to support the programmes of this administration because they mean well for this great Kingdom. The new Nzuko Aro has shown commitment, and determination to move Aro forward. It is not important to raise issues of calamity against a body that is willing to offer quality services. Clearly, we would not want to join issues with anybody but will advise those who love good things and the Aro kingdom to sheath their sword and join the progressive train of the New Nzuko Aro. Thank you very much and see you in September.

Aro News: Thank you for your time.

P.S.G: Thank you my Managing Editor. Let me use this opportunity to remind those who will be at Ekpe day during the Ikeji festival to be civil in their attitude and character as they showcase their cultural dances.  I call on the security operatives do ensure law and order during that period. I also have to thank my Secretary, Miracle Onyemata who helped to package this story. It is well. Thank you so much.


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