My Faith on Arochukwu in this Aro News 20th Anniversary


The excellent memories I celebrate on the histories of Aro News, which I sincerely accept, may not be fully personal to me now that it climaxes in its Online, Home and Facebook Apps, to the use of information and academic learning to all world human readers. I accept its excellence over time, relate to the features obtainable from it in the past and present publications which are ethically presented on history, science, economics and other educational issues.  My easily acceptable source of Aro News growth is the child-brains of its creators. The creators I know, are Mazi Dr. Azubike Okoro and Mazi Ben Ezumah who invited me to participate in their original status twenty years ago.  There was a great acclaim to their creations in the whole of Arochukwu as well as in other centers where their productions were observed, read and utilized in expressive features, especially several academic students.

Aro News is very well acknowledged as the most authoritative voice of the Aro nation, especially as it concerns the social landscape, the cultural worldview and the political scenario, not only of the Aro nation but also of a larger definition of the Nigerian national expression, including those of African and other world nations. I appreciate the uniqueness in which Aro News effects were only observed as “normal duty” and the excellence of its origination from Amuvi-Uda citizenship.

BRAVO ARO-NEWS!!! And more grease to your elbows. On behalf of your admirers I, from my little corner, greet you all, wishing you A GRATIOUSLY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR.  For those of us Arochukwu Sons and Daughters who have chanted the hymns of this Christmas, may God grant us the good health and truthful behaviors in the coming New Year and the following years to faithfully specify the ever growing success and goodness of our nation Arochukwu.

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