Heartiest Felicitations


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of ARO NEWS (the great news magazine), I send heartiest felicitations to the editors, management and staff of the great news magazine for their sterling and outstanding records of achievements.

I must commend the founders and all those involved in producing this important magazine for their vision and dedication to the cause of preserving and promoting our Aro heritage, and disseminating information on developments in Aro communities and about Aro people. I pray that the next twenty years will witness unmatched growth of the publication and the consolidation of its place as the true voice of all Aro sons and daughters around the world.

May ARO NEWS continue to grow to greater heights in the years that lie ahead, to the glory of God and upliftment of people of Aro Okeigbo.

By Maazi E. A. C. Orji, Ugwu Aro

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