Amoba, Asaga villagers chase away Fulani herdsmen

Ogbonnaya Akoma

Two villages in Arochukwu, Amoba and Asaga, had reportedly chased away the Fulani herdsmen that had brought their cattle into those villages and which had destroyed their farms extensively. According to an eye witness account who spoke to Aro News, Amoba villagers in particular had chased those herdsmen and their cattle (numbering about five hundred) out of their village on a date in mid-December and asked them to try elsewhere. The villagers chased them up to the main road at Oror, and asked them to go to such places as Ito.

But instead of doing that, they headed towards Eze Aro’s palace where one of the community leaders there, Emmanuel Emenike, had protested, and had called Sarkin Yaro, Eze Hausa in Abia State living in Umuahia, who had subsequently contacted the DPO in Arochukwu. The Eze Hausa had intoned and indicated that any herdsmen who took his cattle to the premises of the Eze Aro of Arochukwu should be arrested. Later, the herdsmen drove their herd of cattle into Ito to graze and where they met with resistance, and which had led to further skirmishes between them and the indigenous people, including exchange of gun shots, as confirmed by the chairman of Arochukwu LGA.

The herdsmen later reported the incident to the DPO, Arochukwu. Aro News was told later that that incident had led to the influx of policemen into Arochukwu since then, some of who had visited the palace of Eze Aro because of that. Apart from that, there were speculations that some of the herdsmen had stock-piled guns in a coffin and were intercepted some where in-between Ito and Aggrey premises. Sources indicated further that since the incident in Amoba, there had been unprecedented influx of Fulani herdsmen into Arochukwu, despite the fact that some of the community leaders had given them13 December 2017 deadline to leave Arochukwu.



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