A rare show of love as “Rebecca Soup Kitchen” feed the poor weekly


Corporate social responsibility is being redefined in Arochukwu courtesy of Rebecca Soup Kitchen led by Madam Carol Okorafor whose mission is to identify and feed the poor periodically since 2016. Service, no doubt, is rendered at various levels, however what is obvious is that whereas some serve and wait for public acclaim, others do so as a matter of charity. How come such elaborate arrangement of taking care of the poor and needy has been in operation in the community for long without attracting public attention, our correspondent went looking for those behind the group and was directed to lady Carol Okorafor. While she initially hesitated to speak, claiming that they don’t want public praise, she later opened up on what led her into the vocation. “While on vacation in the United States of America in summer of 2016, I noticed that every Wednesday, going from my sister’s office to the Catholic Cathedral in Downtown Houston for the mid-day Mass, a crowd of people, most of whom were destitute, gathered in a certain building.

On enquiry, I learned that they go there to collect some rations of food donated by some charity organizations”, that was my inspiration she said. She equally noted that part of her inspiration came from her observation that at another church near the medical center area of Houston, people gather on Tuesdays and were served foods ranging from sandwiches to hot soups and fruits. She recalled a book she had read that was written by Rev. Father Kelly on how we can be Christ like by sharing whatever we have with our fellow human beings, and linked it up with stories from Aro how the rising costs of food items make some people no longer able to afford one decent meal a day. Accordingly to her, she immediately decided to set up a soup kitchen in Arochukwu which would provide food weekly for people who could not feed properly due to their circumstances. And, that gave birth to Rebecca Soup Kitchen, which was named after her late mother. To actualize the service, all the 19 villages submitted a list of 20 names of people to benefit from the program, at least a bag of rice and one tin of beans was projected to be cooked every week, to be packaged in plastics and taken round to all the village squares and a committee of three volunteers was set up in each village for distribution.

The kitchen started operation on 7th October, 2016 (the Feast of Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary). As would be expected, the organization has some challenges and would appreciate interested sponsors to join the charity. For surviving the first year, Carol appreciated people like Engr. Emmanuel & Dr Pat Odimgbe for a donation of N250, 000 and another $250 from an anonymous donor. Also the cooking group, ably lead by Mrs. Mercy Ejiofor and the manager of Jocaine Business and Industrial Services Ltd, Esther, and her team handle food distribution. People of goodwill that wish to share in the vision of being their brothers and sisters keepers are invited to join by donating food items, cash or by getting the cooking group to do a second day per week or increase the number of people being fed. God surely loves a cheerful giver, so join this group today and leave indelible footprints on sands of time.

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