Ozuabam-Ndiokereke-Okobo-Arochukwu Road; Ndiokereke bridge to be commissioned Dec’ 2017


There are strong indications that the above-named bridge that posed problems to motorists using the Ozu Abam-Ndi Oji-Ndi Okereke-Okobo-Arochukwu, will be completed in December, 2017. From the observation of the Aro News correspondent, from what was on ground when Aro News used the road on 14 December, 2017 while returning from Arochukwu that day.

According to one of the workers of Masta Services Ltd (the contractors handling the project) Aro News had spoken to on arrival at the spot, there was the sign that the bridge might be completed and used by motorists during this year’s Christmas period, as work was progressing speedily on the road on the quoted day when Aro News visited, apart from the fact that the road had been substantially graded, and further grading work was on-going during the visit, to the admiration of the road users.

Not only that, the bridge seemed good and strong on sight – it seemed the contractor had done a good job and which might last long, and could be durable. According to one of the passengers who spoke to Aro News, ‘this bridge is good. They are doing a good job here. I am happy, and it seems the bridge may be completed soon. We have suffered for many years because of this bridge that has defied completion for more than thirty years now.’

It will be recalled that Abia State Government had issued a news report recently that the people of Arochukwu were going to use the road by the Christmas period, as early as October this year. The news report quoted the governor of the state, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, as giving that promise in Umuahia.

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