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Aro NewsGood day Mazi, and How are you doing today?

PSG:It’s great to see another day. God is wonderful and to Him we give all the glory. Let me also thank God for the lives of Aro people, Aro leadership, the Exco of Nzuko Aro for seeing all of us through the year 2017. May be I would say “Happy New Year to Umu Aro Okeigbo where ever they are. God is kind and Aro is growing and developing fast. This team of Nzuko Aro led by Mazi George Ezuma is working and very lucky too that many good things are happening at their time. I am happy to be part of this success story. Aros have not had it so good in any Nzuko aro administration. Mazi Ezuma is lucky and we should share his luck.

Aro News: Go on now! You know you talk too much. Are you not the Captain of Radio Nigeria?

PSG:  Well, if you say so! December 2017 was great and historic. Aros saw the difference between this present Nzuko Aro and past administrations .It was clear to a “Thomas” that George Ezuma led team have a development plan for Aro Kingdom. You saw that the moribund and abandoned Aro civic centre stated since 42 years ago was opened on 26th December 2017, Aro day. It was a miracle performed by one Aro patriot and philanthropist, Dr. Alex Otti OFR. When on 26th December 2016 he said he was going to ensure the commissioning of the centre in December 2017, many pundits thought it was a political statement. But an indicator of his seriousness to live by his words of honour came when he mobilized prominent Nzuko Aro executives, Nzuko Aro as a team and other great Umuaro of like minds to say “Enough is Enough for the status of Aro civil centre. Work started on site at about March 2017 and by December 2017 Aro Civic Centre was a paradise to be hold.

Aro News: So what happened on 26th December 2017, the commissioning date.

PSG: It was the greatest event in Aro in December 2017. It was an earthquake of an event. Aro kingdom was agog. Aros came in millions. Great Aro sons and daughters, organizations, the women’s wing of Nzuko Aro came in a colorful manner. Several religions denominations were there to praise God at that event. Aro villages came with recognized cultural dances and the entire arena stood still for the event. What of neigbhours? They also came in thousands and millions. The governor of Akwa ibom state Etubom Emmanuel Udom was represented by his housing commissioner who also made an appreciable speech on their relationship with Aro Kingdom. The commissioner told the huge crown of Aros and friends that the governor is excited about Aro people and would sustain his relationship with the kingdom by identifying with Aros and their projects. The governor eulogized the personality of Dr. Alex Otti who he described as a patriot, apearl of unquantifiable value, an embodiment of virtues, a technocrat and the servant of the people, very simple and amiable, calling on Abians to respect and adore him as an international figure. The commissioner who donated N2m (Two Million Naira) to Nzuko Aro on behalf of the governor, thanked Dr. Alex Otti OFR and the leadership of Aro kingdom and wished them well.

Aro News: Will that be all from that event?

PSG:  No! Dr. Alex Otti who came in triumphantly was overwhelmed at the red carpet reception he got from Nzuko Aro and solidarity songs from the entire Kingdom. Dr. Otti, came in a heroic manner and when it was time to speak, he was himself. He told the crowd that the condition of the civic centre started since (42) years ago was embarrassing to Aro kingdom and so when he made the pledge to erase that insult he meant it. He said, he was fulfilled that in keeping with his promise, the civic centre has been commissioned on the date he promised. He thanked God for his grace to achieve the feat and used that opportunity to announce other Aro personalities who joined him to actualize that dream. He told the crowd that the centre would need other facilities to be the cynosure of the eyes of the world and called on other Aro sons and friends to do one thing or the other at the centre and write their names in gold. In fact, Dr. Alex Ott, said the names of those who invested in the completion of the age long civic centre world be put in marbles on the building for history. Many prominent Aro sons who spoke at the event also made more donations in cash and in kind in support of the beautification and comfort of the centre. Aros and friends would not forget the memories of that event till eternity.

Aro News:What a ceremony! Congratulation to Nzuko Aro! Now, what is your 2018 calendar of events like?

PSG: Well, the year is still young and promising. Everyone is thinking of what the year will look like. Nzuko Aro is not an exception. We are having our 1st Meeting in April 2018. That meeting is holding at Abuja and I think that gathering will produce our agenda and direction for 2018. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. See you in Abuja.

Aro News: Is there anything to discuss about happenings in Aro Kingdom?

PSG: A big puzzle! Too many issues are on ground. The poor state of our infrastructure, disagreement in the palace, villages and even in many Nzuko Aro branches. There is also the issue of killer herdsmen visiting Aro at will. These are very serious challenges bothering on the peaceful co-existence and development of Aro kingdom. I think the much we have done is to ask for God’s intervention in all of that. People should understand that we have no other kingdom if we work to destroy Aro. And so, no amount of provocation should push us to plan and do evil because we are brothers and sisters Nzuko Aro over the years have been in the forefront of preaching peace in the kingdom. We shall continue to do so. We plead with Eze Aro in council; Ndi Eze Ogos to ensure peace reign supreme in their locations. They should drop politics and concentrate on their traditional roles of village administration. On the frequent visit of the killer herdsmen to Aro, we advise that Aros should handle the presence of the herdsmen with wisdom because of the way government is approaching this issue. Security operatives in Aro should always be involved for a more professional approach on the issue. Ndi Eze Ogo of Amoba, Amasu Amukwa and maybe Ugbo should shine their eyes and not to get involved in any shady deal with the herdsmen which could be a disadvantage to Aro kingdom in the long run. In all, we should play safe at best.

We also have acheering news on Aro roads. Our brother and senator Mao Ohuabunwa has fagged off the construction of Aro/Ohafia road again. This time around a construction company called Septraco and our brother Mazi Hapel are in charge. Let us see how this one will go. Meanwhile, we joyfully, in the language of Barrister Kings Nwosu applaud our distinguished Senator for this new arrangement. I am happy to announce that the Government of Akwa Ibom State is working hard on Ikot Ekpene /Arochukwu Road. God bless Governor Udom Emmanuel for that great contributions to the economy of Aro kingdom even as Abia State government have completed work on Ndi Okereke Abam road on radio and televisions. What a pity. Also the NDDC is constructing four internal roads in Aro Kingdom as attracted by our amiable son, Dr. Alex Otti.

Aro News: Thank you so much my PSG. You are wonderful. Let’s have your last line.

PSG: Thank you so much as well. We shall continue to preach peace and love in the kingdom, in Aro villages and places where Nzuko Aro exist.  Mazi George Ezuma led team is great and made up of people with Aro interest. All they need is the cooperation of all and sundry and a lot of things would change. Enjoy your Easter without problems. Endeavour to get your PVC for 2019 elections. It is sacrosanct. Thanks to my secretary Miracle Onyemata who assisted me to put this script together, wonderful lady. God bless you and bye for now.


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