Alumni president unveils agenda to re-jig Aggrey Memorial College Arochukwu


The President of Aggrey Memorial College Arochukwu Alumni Association, Mazi Emma Okoro Egbukwu, has set the agenda to revive and reinvigorate the umbrella body of the old students with a view to making the institution great again.

Egbukwu took the steps following his inauguration in Abuja as the President of the old students’ body, alongside other executive officers.

The association plans a grand homecoming cum gala nite to be attended by old students of the college and their friends, where it hopes to raise funds to rejuvenate the institution’s dilapidated infrastructure.

To set the ball rolling, Egbukwu has constituted some committees with clear mandates to organize all facets of the reunion scheduled for December 28 and 29 this year.

In constituting the committees, Egbukwu said it was in furtherance of his “earlier report of my visit to Aggrey Memorial College for a hands-on assessment to determine our priority projects, and to begin to leverage the tremendous human, intellectual and financial capital of our distinguished Alumni to Make Aggrey Great Again (MAGA).”

The committees include those responsible for Projects, headed by Mazi Kanu Onwukwe; Colloquium Committee headed by Prof Okoro Ijoma; ICT Committee chaired by Mazi Okorafor Onoh and P.T.A Committee headed by Dr (Mrs.) Helen Ukpabi.

Others are Homecoming/Annual Gala Night Committee chaired by Mrs. Grace Okaro and Finance Committee headed by Mazi Leo Asonta; Membership Committee also chaired by Mrs. Okaro; Scholarship/Endowment Committee chaired by Dr. Henry Fagbola and Publicity Committee headed by Mazi Chris Orji.

Already, feelers indicate that the different committees have swung into action and periodically rubbing minds on how to ‘Make Aggrey Great Again (MAGA)’, a slogan that has caught on in the burgeoning community of old students.

Aro News learnt that a number of activities have been lined up for December this year, to reunite the old students and raise the funds to rebuild the institution’s infrastructure.

Mrs. Okaro confirmed that activities lined up to achieve a colourful celebration include a variety of road shows, novelty football match between the male and female members of the association, and medical outreach programme among others.

In addition, there will be a motorcade rally through Arochukwu LGA in the evening of December 28, to stir up awareness for the programme.

Okaro said all alumni members are to dress in branded T-shirts for the road show, which will culminate in the Gala nite at the Civic Centre, fund raising, musical show, lecture and dinner.

The climax of the event, according to the organizers, is the special recognition to be accorded some veteran alumni members who graduated from the school prior to 1970.

In fact, Egbukwu is optimistic that the programme will achieve the desired objective, which is to bring together all old students of the college, with a view to joining hands to literally rebuild the institution.

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