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Aro News: It is good to see you again PSG! How is Nzuko Aro Family?

PSG: It’s good to see you again my dear. It has not been easy but we are pushing. Nzuko Aro is doing great. Our yearly programmes are moving with our calendar. Ikeji Aro has come and gone you witnessed what this present Nzuko Aro led by Mazi George Okoronkwo Ezuma have transformed this festival into our culture is now technology driven. You can watch it from all parts of the world. This culture is now the pride of all Aros. This present team of Nzuko Aro is a gift to Aro Community. And I am proud to be part of this team. Aro News: What are the highlights of 2018 Ikeji Aro Festival.

PSG: Great outing if you ask me. 2018 Ikeji Aro Festival will be talked about for many years to come. It was well planned and Aro villages were at their best. Both MTN and Nigerian Breweries were on hand to celebrate with Aro Community. I commend these organizations for their yearly sponsorship of Ikeji Aro. Asaga Village took the first position with a very colourful cultural display. There were 2nd and 3rd prizes and all got their cash rewards on the spot. The celebration was well attended by Aro big wings and friends.

Aro News: You had a meeting in Port Harcourt shortly after Ikeji Festival. Tell us what happened.

PSG: Thank you my brother. You too couldn’t attend that meeting. Yes, it was again an avenue to discuss Aro issues. The meeting was well attended and issues bothering on Aro development and peace occupied the front burner. Top on the agenda was the hosting of Aro Day 2018. You know the corporate packaging of either Ikeji or Aro Day takes a lot of planning by Umu Aro who have seen it all. Mazi Nwosu Nwaka was named the Chairman of Aro  Day 2018 Committee. His team has Dr. Ohuche, Dr. Azubuike Okoro, Dr. Orji Ogbonnaya Orji etc. There would be sub committees and LOC to push the ideas to reality. The issue of how to manage the civic centre also came on board. A committee will be set up to manage it along with Nzuko Aro ambulance. That is accountability for you. Copies of draft amended constitution was shared for participants and branches to study preparatory for ratification. Indeed, a whole lot of issues were tabled and discussed. One unique thing that happened was the swearing in of the Bayelsa Branch of Nzuko Aro which was done by the legal Adviser of Nzuko Aro, Barrister Kings Nwosu. The PG and the leader of the Patrons, Professor Okoro Ijoma  each admonished the leadership of the new Nzuko Aro, Bayelsa Branch to be proactive and ensure commitment to Aro future endeavors. It was also heard that work will resume on Aro ring roads after the rains. A lot more issues were discussed and concluded. It was a beautiful outing.

Aro News: What of women’s wing? Were they part of the Port Harcourt meeting?

PSG: Yes, of course; The women wing was led by the 1st Vice President General Mrs. Celestina Onyebuchi. She stood in for the President General, Mrs. Bright Elekwa who was unavoidably absent. They also applauded the men for their achievements so far. The President called on men to assist them to reduce or check the rate of abuse of Aro girls at this critical time adding that premature motherhood is becoming rampant in our various communities. They also pleaded for support at their mass return for 2018.

Aro News: What did you enjoy most at the Port Harcourt Meeting?

PSG: Good question! The first thing is the hospitality of the Branch. The Branch which is led by Mazi Iheanyi Oti as President, gave a good account of themselves in all ramifications – accommodation, feeding and friendship. I have to also commend Mazi Godfrey Ohuabunwa who lavishly hosted us on that Friday we arrived Port Harcourt. The dinner was surplus as left over filled the biblical twelve baskets. Their women also rendered melodious Aro Cultural songs that swept our legs. Everything went on fine and we commend the Branch for that excellent hosting.

Aro News: You talked about Aro roads. Is any new thing happening there?

PSG: Yes, the meeting was briefed on the new dimension Aro ring roads are taking. We heard that the link to continue the ring roads in Aro which were stopped by some petitioners have been re-opened and work according to Dr. Alex Otti OFR will begin again after the rains. We also heard that the phase three of the road  rehabilitation in Aro will begin soon by NDDC. For example, the Obinkita/Utughugwu to Ugwuakuma road would be embarked upon as part of phase three of the rehabilitation work on Aro internal roads. I can’t wait to see that happen.

Aro News: There was this Aro son living in USA who has written to Nzuko Aro to take over the rehabilitation of all Aro internal roads with a repayment scheduled this will last for many decades. What is Nzuko Aro saying about it?

PSG: Yes Ugo, that issue was discussed but not concluded. The Nzuko Aro agreed to study the requests, and the conditions of repayment by Aro Communities as proposed by the young man before taken a position. The man is also expected to do a more convincing packaging of his intentions to carry Nzuko Aro along.  Let me leave it at that.

Aro News: So how is Aro day 2018 going to be?

PSG: I told you earlier that a committee has been formed to plan it and it is headed by Mazi Nwosu Nwaka. We expect a well  thought out programmes for that Day because good heads are involved. The committee still retained the likes of Dr. Ohuche, Dr. Orji O. Orji, Dr. Azubuike Okoro, Mazi Adindu Elekwa, Chief J.C Imuoh, Ijoma O, Ijoma (Ochiwar) you and I are also members. I am sure they will come up with what Aros will cheer.

Aro News: The atmosphere is smelling politics! Where is Nzuko Aro standing in the 2019 elections?

PSG: Well, you voting during any election is a personal decision and interest, but the understanding of Aro in the 2019 election is that all Aro sons and daughters contesting the election in any capacity will be voted for. There will be no discrimination.

Aro News: You have done well so far! Do you have challenges in the journey so far?

PSG: Yes, life is all about challenges my brother. Nzuko Aro is managing to live till tomorrow. The commitment of the present crop of leadership is why the union is moving forward. This leadership is committed to service and to improve the well being of Aro Kingdom.  They are fighting “snakes with bare hands”. We did not meet any money in the coffers of the union when we came on board, yet we have organized so far the best of Ikeji Aro and Aro days respectively within the two years we have spent in office. We have to live on the generosity, connections and links of PG and other prominent members of the team to perform the magic you see in every of our outing. We have to thank Umu Aro who have been supportive to the present Nzuko Aro team. We are very grateful to them and like Oliver Twist, more is expected.  Giving is a challenge to God for good rewards. I will add also that what Nzuko Aro needs now to compliment these efforts is the cooperation of the leadership of the kingdom. When the kingdom work in harmony with Nzuko Aro, the result is peace and development because all would be walking on one part. Again, Ndi Eze Ogo should also be united in one voice for peace and understanding to be establish amongst them and to help crisis ridden villages to embrace peace. A situation where peace is elusive at the palace and Aro villages will spell doom for the entire kingdom. Let us embrace peace my brothers. It pays.

Aro News: Thank you so much PSG for your time and enjoy your Christmas and new year calmly.

PSG: Thank you too my editor. Aro is sweet no doubt especially during festive periods. That is why this slogan: “Aro togbuokwa onwe ya”  has come to say. This means that Aro is too sweet anytime, any day. So let us celebrate 2018 Christmas as usual in an atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood. Aro day 2018 is going to be awesome. Events superlatively packaged! Security is waiting for hoodlums and outlaws. But I know you are not one and so get into the historic civic centre and be happy on 26th December, 2018. God bless you real good.

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