A Brief Profile of Ndieni Asa Communities: Ajalli


Ajalli is located in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State. The community is criss-crossed by several roads including Onitsha-Nnwei-Nnobi-Ekwulobia-Ajalli-Umuze road; Nnewi-Arondizogu-Umunze-Ajalli road. The community can also be reached through Enugu-Okigwe express road, and Enugu-Oji River –Achi-Inyi-Ajalli road.

Ajalli, called by the indigenes, UJARI, has a close ancestral linkage with Ujari village in Arochukwu. OJI OTI ENI MGBORO who founded the community about 1750, migrated from Arochukwu in Abia State with a number of compatriots.

Ajalli is a closely-knit community, made up of four large villages, namely, Obinikpa, Umueve, Umuabiama and Amagu. These villages have close social and economic linkages among themselves. The Ajalli people have proud cultural heritage which were generally derived from Arochukwu, along with a positive acculturation from local environment.

The community has an estimated population of 35,000. The Ajallians very early embraced western education and skills. Over 80 percent of the population is literate. As at date, the community has over 100 medical doctors and dozens of other professionals including lawyers, engineers and educationists etc.
Before the advent of colonial rule, Igbos had different forms of government. This included the monarchy, oligarchy, rulership by council of elders and age grades. The monarchies among the Igbos are classified as Ezes, Igwes and Obis. The Ajalli community is among the communities in Igbo land that had the institution of Ezeship that predated the colonial rule around 1750.

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