First Bank Re-opening: How Alex Otti’s Intervention Saved The Day


Sequel to the dare devil robbery attack on the Arochukwu branch of First Bank Ltd in the early hours of 1st January, 2015, and several efforts made by umu Aro to get the bank re-opened, Aro News can authoritatively report how the intervention of the former Executive Director of the bank, Dr. Alex Otti eventually led to the re-opening of the bank.

After the unfortunate closure of the bank due to the armed robbery attack, Umu Aro from different fields of endeavour reached out to officials of the bank in a bid to get the branch re-opened. On each of such visits, they met a brick wall until officials of the bank started yielding to pressure by giving certain conditions that must be met before the reopening.

Such conditions included building a security post near the bank, provision of separate convenience for the security personnel and many other demands. Their demands made Aro patriots like Mazi Dagogo Okoronkwo to provide the security post; Mazi Okorafor Okereke (In A Way) constructed a soakaway for the convenience, while Mazi Emma Kanu Ivi constructed the convenience building. All these were done to
get the bank reopen the branch.

After meeting all the conditions demanded by its officials, foot dragging to reopen the branch continued until the situation was brought to the attention of Dr. Alex Otti who immediately called Mr. Francis Gbenga Sobo, Deputy Managing Director of the bank. Mr. Sobo’s directive immediately led to the re-opening of the branch. Recall that Dr. Otti in 2009, was instrumental to the citing of the bank in Arochukwu.

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