Leadership Aro desires


We all agree that leadership is the capability to meet the people’s needs and Arochukwu is not an exception to this fact.

One may ask “why am I limiting this to Aro?” This is because an English proverbs says, “charity begins at home”. A leader is the head of a group, community, town, family, e.t.c. the growth and wellbeing of  everybody is the major responsibility of a leader. People often mistake leadership to be a medium to throw parties and share food around, this mistake has contributed massively to the present underdevelopment and other problems of Arochukwu local government.

The functions of a good leader include building of schools, hospitals, roads, create employment opportunities for the youths for instance, providing land for them to engage in farming like what we had in Amuvi during ENDC when we were under East Central State, fish farming, snail farm, poultry farm, banana and plantain plantations.

Aro people are in need of a stadium or civic center where public functions can be carried out and developmental programmes held such that umu Aro would be exposed to recent developments. Over time Aro people have been using secondary schools, and barracks field for such events which up till now have not been renovated or maintained. Talking of hospitals, even the one our brothers and sisters built for us is suffering as a result of poor management, negligence and has depreciated to the same level of the government hospital. The need for hospital equipments, drugs, chairs and tables for school children, text books and laboratory cannot also be over emphasied. Building of industries will also enhance the economy of Aro.

It is time for Aro leaders to be focused, purposefully and determined to effect change and positive improvement in Aro. One of the most important assets of the Aro community is the youth, because it is clear that they are the future leaders; they are strong, intelligent and ready to take up responsibilities most importantly, they are creative and have the ability to transform Aro into a world class community. The fact remains that only a true leader can understand the importance of this human resource and maximize it to grow our community. Aro present state is desperately in need of leaders that are not self centered, leaders that can make sacrifice, leaders that are committed and passionate for the people, leaders that truly have development and growth as their number one agenda.

When such leaders emerge, the people of Aro will be grateful to God because it would only be a matter of time before the entire community is transformed

In conclusion, a leader is a problem solver and must be different from others a good leader must be transparent and as well be a good team player, that’s the type of leader Aro deserves.

by Mrs. U.K. Iheanyi Nwakanma.

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