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It is now a tradition that the spokesman of Nzuko Aro, Ambassador Eugene Okey Immoh is expected to speak on a number of issues bothering on the policy formulation and direction of the present Nzuko-Aro team in every edition of Aro News.

ARO NEWS: Hello, PSG, how are you?

PSG: I am good my brother, very happy to be with Aro News. Once again; May I use this opportunity to thank you, for this wonderful platform provided for me to speak for Nzuko -Aro as the PSG of the Union. I will also thank you for a job well done for Aro community.

ARO NEWS: What is trending in Nzuko –Aro now?

PSG: Thank you. Nzuko-Aro is moving forward. Like I said to you from the onset of this new team, we have come to work for Aro community. So far, we have shown that we are development oriented. Our first outing started with the colourful presentation at the 2016 IKEJI-ARO FESTIVAL. We have sued for peace in all Aro environments, in partnership with all Eze Ogos in Aro. We have also embarked on reconstruction of local roads. It is pleasing to note that Ndi-Okereke- Abam-Arochukwu road has been graded to test by Nzuko-Aro inspite of the politics of the Government. We approved hospitality for Eze-Aro’s Palace. The outing of Nzuko-Aro on Aro day, 26th December 2016 was another feather added to the cap of the organization. The celebration was spectacular, and like 2016 IKEJI-Aro festival, would be remembered by all lovers of good things. Candidly speaking, the cream de la cream in Aro- community attended the event to give colour to it. I must commend the likes of Dr. Alex Oti (OFR), Nzuko-Aro patrons, patronesses and Ugwu-Aros –Prof Okoro Ijoma; Mazi Kanu Ivi, Mazi Dave Imoko; Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, OFR, Mazi Okereke Okpara; Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, Engineer Otumchere Oti and Engineer Alex Ezumah who chaired Aro day 2016 collectively made the event historic. May I also add, that some of the highlight of 2016 Aro day celebration was the inauguration of the executives of the women wing of Nzuko-Aro led by Mrs. Bright Elekwa. And perhaps, the biggest was the promise by Dr. Alex Oti that 2017 Aro day will be celebrated inside the main bowl of the abandoned Arochukwu Civic Centre.

ARO-NEWS: Will that be all from the celebration?

PSG: Well, let me also add that all Eze-Ogo’s in Aro need to be commended for their total support and solidarity to this present squad of Nzuko-Aro. They have seen that Mazi George Ezuma led Nzuko-Aro has really come to serve meritoriously and thus vowed to work in partnership with them, we will also thank some social organizations in Aro like AROSON, NAAS, Federated Arochukwu Youth Association (FAYA), Omenuko Fraternity members, Ezienyi club members, and those I can’t remember, we solicit their support and ask for more co-operation to take Arochukwu to the next level.

ARO NEWS: What are the challenges Nzuko-Aro is facing now?

PSG: Well, any progressive person must face challenges, and so we have challenges. In the first place, we need to work in harmony with our predecessors. That is lacking for now. We started with zero purse meaning Nzuko-Aro account was almost in red. So we are managing to do a few projects we embarked upon. In fact, we thank Umu-Aro who strongly believe in the present Nzuko-Aro and have made enormous contributions in support of our projects, we urge them (Umu-Aro) to continue to believe in us for we are poised to do a new thing in Aro kingdom. We also ran into a court case with Madam Charity Achinivu led women who were protesting the dissolution of the two warring factions of Nzuko-Aro women wing. Madam Charity took Nzuko-Aro patrons and the new executives to the High Court in Arochukwu challenging the dissolution of the factions she wants to lead Inyom Aro by force. We are happy that the matter has been settled in Arochukwu High Court on Wednesday 15th day of March, 2017 wherein the High court in Arochukwu dismissed the case for lack of merit and awarded Thirty Thousand Naira (N30, 000) cost against her payable to Nzuko-Aro. This is a well deserved victory and the matter masterly finished. Truth is beautiful; Nzuko-Aro must remain focused. “FORWARD EVER”. I want to thank the legal adviser to Nzuko-Aro, Barr. Kings Nwosu for proper representation of Nzuko-Aro at the court. We urge Madam Charity Achinivu led faction to join hands with the recognized and only approved Nzuko-Aro women wing led by Mrs. Bright Elekwa and see how Nzuko-Aro women could also help in the development of Aro nation. We salute the patrons of Nzuko-Aro for their commitment to Aro course.

ARO NEWS: We heard you will be having your C.E.C meeting in Enugu on 25th March 2017, what is the meeting all about?

PSG: Thank you again my brother, it is our periodic meeting to look at what we have done so far, what we want to do next, our challenges and the way forward. We will likely discuss plans to rehabilitate Eze-Aro’s Palace, look at the plans by Dr. Alex Oti (OFR) to begin work at Aro civic centre, look at what can be done more on Ndi-Okereke Abam-Arochukwu road and whether it can be used during the raining season. We will also discuss how to strengthening existing Nzuko-Aro branches worldwide to enable them participate in Aro affairs and many other areas we shall discuss. The outcome of this Enugu C..E.C meeting, I will discuss in the next edition of Aro News.

ARO NEWS: Your final words?

PSG: Not final words, but I have to conclude this interview by commending the Mazi George Ezuma led Nziko-Aro for their determination to write the wrongs in Aro kingdom. The new Nzuko-Aro have shown commitment, zeal, and determination, open mindedness, and love to take the kingdom to another level. We solicit the support and co-operation of great “Umu-Aro” both at home and in Diaspora, in the task of rebuilding the Aro kingdom. What we have done so far, is to show that we are troubled looking at the decay in Aro kingdom and so all hands must be on desk to clean up the mess of the past. We clearly won’t want to join issues with anyone looking at what we met on ground. Posterity will judge everyone.

ARO NEWS: PSG thank you for time.

PSG: It’s my pleasure, but before I go let me thank my staff at the Captains Media Network who packaged this interview for Aro News; They include Sunny Joe Spaco- Marketing Officer and Miss Miracle Onyemata, the Secretary of the agency

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