The Dedicated Heart

Eucharia Oti

In this very special edition of Aro News, Agwabumma has thought it wise, to appreciate, and literarily honour the dedicated hearts in Aro Kingdom. To be dedicated to any cause, it means devotion, conscientiousness, loyalty etc, to that cause. This heart speaks we, not me. It works like a stereoscope, feeling the heart beat and the pulse of the cause. It is not a mechanical heart, but one filled with un measurable volume of blood, and  wired with uncountable arteries and veins, busy 24/7 pumping  and supplying blood to every part of that cause.

This heart is faithful, it neither betrays nor backs out in thin periods. It is like a faithful husband, his wife is always radiating in joy because she knows that her husband is committed to her only. Respect to constituted authorities, is his watch- word; an epitome of integrity. He is very allergic to hate and sycophancy, but in love with peace and development.

This heart is very careful, it is not ready to gamble with mistakes, it is very thorough, and vigilant. Nothing must go wrong because it loves transparency. This heart has multiple roots, handling several activities in multiple units concurrently.  It has many siblings from different parents. It is not a citizen of one family, or community; but, a citizen of numerous families, and communities. It holds a multi citizenship passport.

A devoted heart has character- AGWA. The beauty of a devoted heart lies in his character. A man maybe highly influential, connected, famous, wealthy, or has acquired everything that the world respects, if it is not accompanied with character, the said man will be described as ” Nwoke/ Nwaanyi ojoo, or obi ojoo”. On the contrary, an urgly man or woman, who is visibly poor, but has character, is described, in the opposite, “Nwoke/ Nwaanyi oma, or, obi oma. When the bible is talking about “Agwabumma” in 1st Peter Chapter 3, it goes beyond women. That is why Agwabumma Column doe not discuss issues related to only women, but all.

I therefore, want to appreciate all Umu Aro, who have devoted their hearts to seeking for peace and development of Aro Kingdom. We have them in varying levels, because all of us cannot operate at the same level. The most important thing is, at whatever level you may be operating, financial contributions to projects, youth and women empowerments, peace advocacy, security, and numerous other levels, as long as it is for the good of Aro Kingdom, you will surely not lose your reward.

As I write, my intention is to go on and on to appreciate the entire Umu Aro, with dedicated hearts,  for their services to Aro Kingdom; especially towards the realization of The Aro Historic and Cultural Center, which has become a source of worry to every concerned Nwa Aro; and also take few steps down the memory lane on the history of this Historic Center for the past forty two (42) years , but some powers are punching on my emotions, urging me to take a literary step, since it takes care of our yesterday, our today, and our tomorrow..

In the words of S.T Coleridge, “Poetry is a spontaneous overflow of a powerful emotion” Poetry as we know, captures emotions in ways that surpass mere words. So, there is no better way of saying a huge Thank You to a man of distinct, devoted heart, a selfless service personified – Mazi ALEX CHIOMA OTTI, for making The Aro Historic Center, a reality, but through this free verse.



There are hearts, and there are hearts.

But a dedicated heart like yours

Is not easy to find.

A heart clothed with love and humility,

A selfless and people oriented heart.

If intelligence is a product of height,

You would have missed it.

If wealth is acquired by height,

It would have been far from you.

If connection is judged by size,

You would have been a nobody.

However, in intelligence,

You demonstrated a colossal height.

In wealth, you became a giant.

In connection, you proved to be a global compass.

Like a refreshing morning sun,

You appeared, refreshing every

Plant within your environment.

With a very large heart, you

Sheltered the rich, and the poor;

The old, and the young,

You truly understood that,

Lighting other people’s candles

With your candle will not quench yours,

Therefore, you have embarked on a spree of candle lighting.

In your selfless services,

You have transversed the lengths and breaths

Of Igboland, illuminating lives, and communities.

Unquenchable lights, Generational testimonials.

Ugwu Abia, Ugwu Aro,Ugwu Atani,

Ugwu Ngwa- personified –

It takes only a Super Giant like you,

The only pride of the entire Ngwa land.

Abians, like a parched throat,

Are anxiously waiting to drink from;

Your ocean of versatility.

 Ola Edo Nde Oti Alicho Compound.

No wander your kinsmen honored you thus.

Indeed, Gold never tarnishes.

The more the heat, the more the beauty.

With a woman of virtue, Ezinnye Mazi Priscilla by you,

You are set to rule the world.

With bare fists, you broke the jinx

of stagnancy, obsoletes.

You gave life to the abandoned.

I join the entire Aro Kingdom,

To Salute you for your largess.

Even the grasses inhabiting the

Aro Historic Center, are waving

Their hands and singing-




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