From the desk of Nzuko Aro Pub Secretary General


Aro News: Good to have you again Mazi. How is Nzuko Aro Fairing? 

PSG: Great Nzuko Aro. We are making waves in different dimensions, succeeding in its drive to woo Umu Aro to embrace Nzuko Aro and contribute to Aro development and peace. Preaching peace in the kingdom. Of course, you know, the adage that says “No peace, No development.

Aro News: Hahaha!  We want to congratulate you on your award of Ezinwa Aro bestowed on you recently by Lady Bright Elewkwa led Inyom Aro. It was a colourful celebration.

PSG: Yes my brother. The Lord is good to me and my household. Good things coming right, left and centre.  Recognitions everywhere. It is the Lords doing and I am grateful to Him. Ezinwa Aro honour is the number (61) of all awards I have received so far. I don’t know how to appreciate this God for this unmerited favour I just have to say “God I thank you”.

Aro News: Let us into your activities for the Christmas festival. What do Aro people expert from Nzuko Aro?

PSG: My pleasure is yours for this opportunity to attempt this puzzle. But let me take you back to our outing at the just concluded Ikeji Aro festival. First, let me give Kudos to the Mazi George Okoronkwo Ezuma led Nzuko Aro for excellent performance in the two ikeji festivals they have organised since they assumed office. The comparism in Aro today is that Aro’s have not had it so good in the last 40 years. For those who love good things they have appreciated Nzuko Aro in what they have done so far. The organisation, participation and presentations including prompt payment of cash to winner villages at the Ikeji Festival have made this team a unique breed. It is our hope that we shall surpass these records next year. We also acknowledge the dedication of the Ikeji committee led by Dr. Orji Ogbonnaya Orji to the success story of the festival and ask God to repay them.  I understand that the same committee is packaging Aro Day 2017 where they intend to replicate this great performance. These are great Aro sons and daughters who have dedicated themselves to the service of their fatherland I salute them and wish them well including myself and you the editor of Aro News.

Aro News: You talked about the same committee that handled Ikeji Aro also planning for Aro Day on 26th December 2017. Can you paint the picture of this year’s Aro day?

PSG: That is a good one. Again, you know that December 26th of every year is set aside for Aros to come together to celebrate the goodness of God, look at their report cards on development and discuss the way forward.  This year’s edition will be something else. The celebration will be fantastic and unique because one of the things people never thought will happen has happened. The nonagerian civic centre project abandoned by various Nzuko Aros after huge budgets will be opened on 26th December, 2017 courtesy of Dr. Alex Otti OFR. Recall that Dr. Alex Otti, before a mammoth crowd of Aro citizens and friends at the 2016 Aro day, said he was fed up with the none completion of the Aro civic centre project, since his birth and felt challenged.

He promised Aros that the 2017 Aro Day will be celebrated in the main bowl of the civic centre. And true to that promise, he spear headed it by mobilizing great Aro sons, Nzuko Aro and his personal friends to ensure that his promise is fulfilled. And so, come 26th December, Dr. Alex Otti will hand over the keys of the civic centre to Aro kingdom – a feat no one had achieved so far in the history of the kingdom. This is the joy of every Aro man today.

From all indications Aro kingdom is agog, jubilation everywhere. Some asked, can the civic centre ever be completed? But the truth is that, the centre is not only completed but has been transformed into an event centre of international standard.

I invite Aros and friends to come and join Nzuko Aro to celebrate the 2017 Aro Day in a rather spectacular manner. Dr. Alex Otti OFR has done it. We are glad to have him as our son and pray God to reward him bountifully.

Aro News: We are excited as well! But what other highlights do you have for Aro day 2017?

PSG: Of course, you know that Dr. Alex Otti is an elephant personality. Other elephants in human nature would join him in that celebration. We expect Abia State government, party men and women to join him. Nzuko Aro will celebrate him for this great achievement in Aro. Also the government and good people o Akwa Ibom State our neighbours will be celebrated. You can see the beautiful work they are doing on Nkana road. Some villages are invited to attend with their cultural dances to boost the event. Ndi Eze Ogo would come in their full regalia and so on. It is going to be an event to remember. I invite you all to come celebrate with us. Dress code is purely Aro. You must be an Aro man and women in your attire. The 2017 Aro day has a sweet theme.“Consolidating Aro Development through Peace and Stakeholders Engagement”. What a Theme!

Aro News: Okay! That’s nice! We congratulate Nzuko Aro and Dr. Alex Otti OFR for this feat.

PSG: Thank you so much my dear!

Aro News:You have talked extensively about Aro Day. What security arrangements have you put in place for the festival?

PSG: Thank you so much. I know you want to discuss this issue in reference to the last kidnap attempt in Aro early November, where three persons were kidnapped from Amuvi village. You are aware that security issues are not discussed in the open. There will be enough security to check all manners of criminal activities this period. The police, the army, civil defence and other security outfits are aware of the enormous responsibility on their shoulders to ensure that people go about their businesses and enjoy their celebrations without molestations. We have made adequate preparations in this regard.

Again, no criminal comes to Aro in any disguise and form and go unhurt. We have “Ibinukpabi” here. And so, I use this opportunity to remind criminals to join the Christmas celebrations as born again Christians and shun any act that will portray them as criminals because the law will take its course. That is my candid advice to those that the devil will push around this period. Please write your will before you enter Aro kingdom to unlash evil because you will not go back.

Aro News: That reminds me, you have invited who is who to attend Aro Day on 26th December, has anything been done on any of our roads recently for easy movement into Aro this period? 

PSG: Ugo! I thought you will not ask this question because I have said I will not discuss Aro roads any longer. I have talked enough about these roads on radio and I am tired. Well, nothing is done in any of the roads Aro/Ohafia and Okobo roads are still the same. It is still the same old stories by our politicians.  The governor of Abia State Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu I understand made a promise to move into Ndi Okereke Abiam/Arochukwu road (Okobo) in November with bulldozers to make it passable in December.  He is yet to come and I know he will not come. It is a mere promise that we are used to.  If I know the Governor, he will not come. It will be a miracle if he comes. In fact these people are playing politics with Aro road. They know what they are doing. Arochukwu – Ohafia has finally packed up. We have done our best at the media level. The road is a death trap now and no sane person wants to ply it. It is that bad. But there is a cheering news. God told me He will be on Aro road Himself.  He is servicing His bulldozer from heaven to work on Aro roads and deal with those who kept Aro community in this condition. Let us wait for God. He is coming. Meanwhile, the same God has a palliative measure for Aro people. The governor of Akwa Ibom State, Etubom Udom Emmanuel has the mandate of God to help Aro situation. The Nkana /Amuvi Arochukwu road is been graded. The popular “Ugwu Mama Bassey’’ is being melted like iron.  So, Aros and other users of the road can now close their eyes and drive through Akwa Ibom into Amuvi Arockukwu in two hours from Aba or Umuahia. See how God works. Nzuko Aro celebrates the Governor of Akwa Ibom, Etubom Udom Emmanuel, his commissioner for Works, Ephraim Inyang and indeed the entire people of Akwa Ibom State for his extension of “Olive branch” to Aro people. Aros would remain grateful to them for this show of love and we ask God to bless them. I am aware that Nzuko Aro has extended an invitation to Governor Etubom Udom Emmanuel to attend Aro day and trust Aro People, The governor will be celebrated.

Aro news: Before you go, do you have challenges?

PSG: The major challenge is to ensure total peace in Aro kingdom. That we have been fighting for. You know we have several programmes to embark upon for Aro community, but there can be no meaningful development where peace does not exist. That may be why the President General in his address at the 2017 Ikeji Festival read on his behalf by the second vice – President General, Mazi Nwosu Nwaka, the President called on Aro stakeholders to preach peace in the kingdom for development to thrive. He frowned at bickering and division by some opinion leaders in Aro adding that such situations draw the union backwards from its set out objectives. The P.G affirmed that peace is sine-qua-non in the kingdom and advised traditional leadership of Aro kingdom to be more organized and purposeful in their dealings with Aro issues. He condemned politicising Aro issues for selfish reasons and personal aggrandisement.

One other issue that seem to be a cog in the wheel of progress, is the Madam Charity Achinivu’s refusal to live by the court decision on her and pay the N30, 000 cost. We will continue to appeal to her to sheath her sword and join Mrs Bright Elekwa led Inyom Aro. Madam Charity has refused to respect even court orders and continued to impersonate the Presidency of Inyom Aro. This is not fair and not in the interest of majority of Aro people. Those who know this woman should advise her to rest her case because she cannot be President of Inyom Aro now. President of Nzuko Aro women’s wing? NO way! No way!! May be in her next world.

Aro News:  On a final note, what will you score the Present Nzuko Aro under the leadership of Mazi George Ezuma?

PSG: It is not easy to score ourselves, otherwise I will say 100%. You know that too well. But I think so far, we have done well. If we were able to organize Ikeji Aro twice in the manner that drew commendations even from enemies of this administration, collaborate with personalities like Dr. Alex Otti to complete the age long and abandoned civic centre project, ensure quantity presentations on Aro day festivals in the face of multiple man made challenges, we have scored high and done well. I also know that if we get more support and cooperation from Umu-Aro, the kingdom will be paradise on earth. Good scores from Nzuko Aro worldwide so far.

Aro News:  Let me wish you merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance.

PSG: Thank you my dear.  You guys are doing well to give Aros good image and also educating Aros everywhere on what is happening at home. God Bless you and long live Aro News. Nzuko wishes the entire people of Aro kingdom Merry Christmas and a bountiful New year in advance.


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