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A new ‘gospel’ is making the rounds in town, propelled by the desire of ladies who wish to maintain a size 10 shape even after several pregnancies. All the chapters and verses are contained in a new book published by Amara Kanu, a creative entrepreneur who has used her qualifications in Architecture and Entrepreneurial Management to channel her unique brand into a true lifestyle product. Healthy Living by Amara Kanu, a 71-page book with chapters such as Health Is Wealth, Your Challenge, My Challenge, Our Challenge, Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle and Exercise Vocabulary is all you need to have to be as attractive and elegant as you want after giving births. With extensive illustrations of award winning exercise tips with her husband, the ex-professional footballer, Nwankwo Kanu, the book features a 30-day fitness guide that would conclude with ladies achieving their dream fitness shapes. According to the Voice Newspaper, UK, “if you want to maintain your figure after having children, this book is a must. The 30-day fitness guide included is a real help. A thorough explanation of all things fitness – great value and a very enjoyable read”. It’s highly recommended by professional footballers, TV Hosts, Consultants amongst others, as something that is capable of taking one through the steps to a total fitness and general wellbeing.



What makes the book unique is that it’s not just about exercises but also the mental preparations in starting and remaining in the journey until success is achieved. An award winning actress, Kate Henshaw, strongly recommends it to all women who are about to start, have started or are determined to be fit and healthy. According to her, there are no short cuts, just clean, healthy living. It is proudly and uniquely dedicated to victims and survivors of heart related challenges such as Sam Okwaraji, Stephen Kechi, Ugo Ehiogu, Fabrice Muamba and Nwankwo Kanu. As a fitness enthusiast, Amara has an impressive social media following and she is an inspirational coach to women around the globe on achieving healthier lifestyles through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices. A dedicated wife and mother to three children, most ladies make the most out of her book by following the simple attitude towards active lifestyle, food choices and a balanced wellbeing, with her guidelines and simple home HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts that targets the belly and thigh areas. The book is on sale in major online retail outlets including and numerous brick and mortar book stores. Copies can also be obtained via and The Nigerian audience will have copies easily by calling the local vendors via 234-803-349-1821

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