Umu Aro, Think Aro, Think Wise!

Eucharia Oti

Just like yesterday, we are already counting down to 2019 Nigeria general election. As usual, very soon, the political parties that have accomplished the INEC requirements for registration will start moving their campaign trains from one state to another, and from one local government to another. As will be expected, mouth watering manifestoes laced with cliches will fill the air for example, ” If our party is voted into power, we will provide portable water, power will become stable, good roads, infrastructural developments, well equiped health facilities, etc. The list will be endless; you can fill in the gap.They even promise to make the impossible, possible. All of them tell us that they feel our pains that they are with us. But you and I know who amongst them is with us, or feel our pains.

One begins to wonder if our dear country, Nigeria, including our State, Abia, and our revered Kingdom, Arochukwu came into existence just yesterday, therefore, desperately shopping for the man to provide these basic amenities for the first time.

These cliche ridden promises has remained a routine for all political parties in Nigeria, major or minor, for myriads of decades. I remember, my mother of blessed memory told us that, she never believed in any politician because, the pipe born water they promised our community when she got newly married, never came into existence. She also said that, these empty promises are usually pathfinded by varieties of food stuff, ranging from rice, salt, tomatoes, beverages etc. Cheap toiletries and wrappers are not left out in this bait infested campaign largesse. She said, she never collected any because, they usually come from those who have nothing to offer. She was a highly principled woman who, despite the fact that she was a widow, bluntly refused to sell her conscience.

For many women today , they wish the bait sharing would continue for life. Do we blame them? Some may say no because, such women, even men are financially handicapped so, any extra kobo matters, wherever it came from not withstanding. On another hand, some school of thought as my late mother, will answer yes, to the question because, they believe that one should not sell his or her conscience, or even future because of some cheap and worthless inducements. Another school says, collect whatever that is collectible, but vote for the right person because, they are only using the economic hardship they created as a bait to catch our votes. They sound as if they care for us. Only time will tell.

There are men and women, who claim they are politicians because they belong to one ‘sharing group’ or the other. Their interest lie only in the sharing of ‘ national cake, state chin chin and LGA groundnut’. If there are such persons in Aro Kingdom at a time like this, I beg you to repent, in the name of Jesus. Aro must get it right this time.Nkeanyi bu nkeanyi. No matter the promises of a foreigner at a time like this, refuse to fall prey to such empty promises. Beware, they must come. In fact, they are already here. They will ‘sweet mouth confuse ‘you, on why Aro roads have remained dead traps for decades now They will blame it on whoever they chose, and swear with their lives that, your next vote to them will work the long awaited miracle.

My worry in this type of situation is that, many people including women will still close their eyes to the realities of this time; and trade their votes for miserable plates of tasteless portridge. Many have decided to sell their votes for ephemeral gains. Yet, many say…’ its not my business; after all, nobody gave me anything, so am not voting for anybody. My dear people of Aro Kingdom, this lukewarm attitude is dangerous at a time like this.

My plea to Umu Aro is that they should think wise. We require great wisdom this season because any little mistake will take us 20 steps backwards, if not more.

Umu Aro should realise that 2019 Abia State gubernatorial election is not all about self now. It is all about Aro, it is all about what we will have tomorrow. It is all about our fate and that of our children. Aro roads has worn the face of a forgotten race for too long.Sure we hear the plight of Umu Aro in the Civil Service. Let us collectively say no to press government and moral decadence in our dear state. Therefore, it is about posterity, it is about integrity and dignity of labour. It is about tasted and trusted hands- antecedents.

It is about sincerity of purpose. It is about the intrinsic desire and drive to salvage our people from what seemed a perpetual suffering. It is about saying no to syconphancy, thugery and embracing practical issues that will benefit the state and Aro Kingdom.

Let me remind us that, Aro is, and remains a special breed. Wisdom remains the attribute of Aro Okeigbo (The superior Igbo). We should not by any means allow ordinary people, to play on our wisdom and intelligence. The people are watching us . Abia state and Arochukwu is our home, and what we make of it, it will remain.

For Aro women, prayer is key. Yes, prayer. Women can pray, and God also honours the prayer of women. Let Abia state be your major prayer point. Pray for a peaceful election, and for change based on tasted and trusted hands, result oriented. Focused leadership and service backed with antecedents. The new Aro internal roads are testimonials that speaks for itself. If Ugwuavo road can be what it is now, well tarred and smooth, then Aro external roads, shall be far better, come 2019, if we want.

Again , Let every wise woman hold back her children from being used as political thugs. Let those who need the services of thugs use their own children.They will send your children to go and snatch ballot boxes. Let it be known to mothers that there is no compensation for anyone who dies in rendering political thugery services.

Note also, that the world has gone global. Abia State needs a man that can express himself well both to the national and international community. A man that will attract the presence of international community, even to Aro Kingdom.

Aro Okeigbo nde enwem, let us not allow this God given opportunity to slip out of our hands again. Let the losses and pains we have been going through, each time we are going home, be a driving force for us, to do the needful.There may not be any second chance. Now is the time.

Umu Aro, in the name of God, as we approach 2019 elections, THINK ARO, THINK WISE!

Long Live, Aro Okeigbo!
Long Live, Abia State.

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