Enugu branch of Nzuko Aro women’s wing elects officers


Members of Nzuko Arochukwu women’s wing domiciled in the coal city of Enugu gathered at the venue of their monthly meeting – Asata Primary School- on the 25th of November with the main purpose of electing officers to pilot their affairs for the next three years uppermost on their minds.

As the women filed in one after the other into the hall, every available chair was taken up with the atmosphere charged as ‘politicking’ ensured.

After the day’s abridged meeting, the house was dissolved and Dr. (Mrs.) Loveth Oji (Adaukwu Aro) was appointed Chairman of the electoral body with Mrs. Ngozi Ezenta as the Returning Officer.

After a peaceful process, Mrs. Ifeoma Stanley Okoronkwo was elected President. Other elected officials of the branch are Mrs. Joy Irokanulo, Vice President; Mrs. Nancy Chinatu, Secretary; Mrs. Ekwutosi Kanu, Assistant Secretary; Mrs. Ndidi Nwaba, Treasurer and Mrs.  Ijeoma Nwachukwu, Financial Secretary.

Others are Mrs. Bridget Okafor, Assistant Financial Secretary; Mrs. Chiegeonu Irokanulo, Publicity Secretary; Mrs. Ifeoma Okafor, Social Welfare Secretary; Mrs. Beatrice Okereke, Assistant Social Secretary; Mrs. Josephine Nwakanma, Provost and Mrs. Rosemary Ogbonna, Assistant Provost.  

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