Ugwuakuma maiden thanksgiving holds Easter Monday


The Ugwuakuma Development Union (UDU) will on Easter Monday, April 21, 2019 host the first annual thanks giving service for Ugwuakuma village.

The first solemn assembly is intended to dedicate the community to God and ask for His mercy on the village and its residents. The service will take palce at the village hall starting from 7.00am.

The President General of UDU, Mazi Eugene Okey Imouh, said the programme is a part of the manifesto he presented to the community two years ago, when he was elected to serve the Union.

Speaking with Aro News, Country Man, as he is fondly called, stated that after its debut on the 21st of April 2019, the thanksgiving service would subsequently be hosted by the union on Easter Saturday of every other year.

Mazi Imuoh explained that “When I took over the leadership of the union on April 16th, 2017, one of things I said we must do is that we must organize an annual thanksgiving service for the community and that is because of so many things happening in our community and to ensure that there is peace because a lot of people wouldn’t accept the need for peaceful co-existence in the community.

Also, some members of the community still subscribe to the worship of small gods and each time they have any problem they prefer to run to those small gods for solution, rather than the Almighty God. But this time around we have seen the need for us to go back to God, despite the fact that there are churches around, but we have seen the need to gather the entire community to celebrate God. That is one of the promises I made. Again, we have recorded many deaths in our community; some of the prominent members of our community were going down the drain just like that. That’s why we decided that it is actually important to rededicate the community to God.”

And to achieve its aim, a committee to organize the annual thanksgiving was set up with Pastor Elvis Sunday Anicho as its chairman. It is expected that all the  branches of UDU will be represented on that day, the women,  youths, church leaders will also not be left out.

By Ikoku Ogbonnaya

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