Mrs. Justina Uzunma Nwakanma (nee Uja) – A Virtuous Woman Departs!


Although we are aware that death is a certainty, its occurrence evokes emotions that are hard to suppress. This is particularly the case when the person in question means a whole lot to you. Again, it is more emotionally damaging when the loss involved someone with a good spirit and an outstanding relationship with people generally. Death has snatched a virtuous, unassuming, diligent, God fearing and purposeful woman. We are sad because of the vacuum created by the exit but certain that God allows events to occur in the fullness of their times.

As I pondered over the phone call from your first son, Stanly (you fondly call him Cami), which broke the news, my memory flashed back to our days at Aro Achi, Oji River, Enugu State when, as our seniors, in the expansive compound of our revered great grandfather, Omeziri-Nnia, at Obodo-Ukwu, Nkpokolo village, we grew up under your able care. And again,being my mum’s half-sister, it was indeed part of your duty to look after us, the youngsters growing up in your midst. Living together at that time was a very interesting and joyful experience, most things were generally done together and respect for seniors was a cardinal code of conduct that guided behaviors. Even when I relocated to Aro-Mbala, Isuochi, to live with my late revered auntie, Mrs. Nwannedia Ogbonnia (Mama UcheOcha); my occasional visits to Aro-Achi was one thing l looked up to with excitement due to the quality of affection that characterized relationship with you and others. Your kindness and gentle mannerisms were traits that won’t easily be forgotten.

Again, as I pondered over the phone call, I had a mental flash to your mum, the very industrious and hardworking lady whose sense of purpose and commitment to goals pathed the entrepreneurial vision which yourself and your siblings followed. Indeed, the reflection heightened the weight of the loss, so it dawnedon me that a rare germ is gone to eternity. Truly, mere seeing you revealed a woman at peace with herself, a peace maker and an impeccable character who believed more in good name and goodwill than earthly riches; a legacy you cherished so much. Your departure threw the entire family and relations into a moment of sadness. However, even as we are truly sad we are not unmindful of the fact that time and season belong to God. I recall the quality relationship we had and the peculiar manner you handled situations. I can therefore, testify that you were a pretty lady with a good heart, with easy going virtues.

Forthright, forward looking and bold. You will therefore, be greatly missed by many people.  As we mourn your painful loss, we shall take solace in the fact that you creditably acquitted yourself and left indelible footprints on the sands of time. You were always caring and willing to see people around you excel in various endeavors and remained proud of their achievements. The AkumaOziza kindred, Arochukwu and Achi communities will miss you dearly, including the so many lives – relations, friends, in-laws, acquaintances, etc.whom your ever beaming smiles showed that love and humility are uncommon virtues. In fact, your immediate family and offspring will be badly bruised emotionally. We ask the Almighty to grant the repose of your gentle soul. Bye.

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Azubike Okoro

Mazi Azubike Okoro holds two Master’s degrees - Sociology and Human Resource Management- and a Doctorate of Management of Argosy University, Chicago, USA. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria and the Nigeria Institute of Management; he is Member, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) USA and the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), USA. Currently a Director at the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), he founded Aro News in 1997 to encourage research on the culture, history and civilization of the Arochukwu nation. Also, he was the pioneer Publisher/Editor-in-Chief. Dr. Okoro is married with children and resides at Abuja, Nigeria.

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