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Aro news: Happy New Year PSG. Good to see you again!

PSG:  My pleasure to talk with you guys again. Let me also wish you the best of the year. We thank God, we are up and kicking. God alone should take all the glory.

Aro news:  Amen! Can you look back on the activities of Nzuko Aro in the past year, 2018?

PSG: Well, well, well! It is pretty difficult to assess your own administration. You cannot run yourself down. But again the performance of Mazi George Ezuma led Nzuko Aro is common knowledge. For the past one year, Nzuko Aro have been on top of the game exploring avenues to make Aro better. The administration have carried everyone along; All Aro stakeholders are involved in this all inclusive administration. Meetings are scheduled as the constitution demands. Issues bothering on peace, security, health and development of Aro Kingdom are always our focus

One beautiful thing about this administration is its stance on accountability. Of course, you know we don’t have money but the little that come in via donations and support from well meaning Aro sons are properly utilized and managed. We run an open government. So far, in the history of past Nzuko Aro administration, George Ezuma led EXCO runs a self sustaining system. Exco members pay their bills to attend meetings in any part of the country; transport, hostel accommodation and other sundry expenses. The little funds we get goes into Aro matters. Although, some exco members may not like this system, there is nothing anyone can do about it, since that is what the leader wants.

We have also taken our cultural ceremonies to the high heavens. Look at the packages of Ikeji Aro and Aro day celebrations. Those events have taken in a different status since the coming in of this administration. The planning, innovations and participation have taken new shapes and Aros have celebrated these efforts. Kudos to Nzuko Aro.

The good thing about the new Ikeji Aro package is that it has tasked Aro villages to research more into their different culture dairies and come out with a more creative approach to cope with the high profile competition of the event. Ikeji Aro today is a carnival and “A must watch”.  The same for Aro day.

Aro news:  Can you tell us something about Aro day 2018?

PSG:I think I have tried to summarize all that happened in December 2018. Aro day 2018 was unique and classical. The focus was to show case Aro youth who have excelled in their academics and other talents for others to emulate . Therefore, talents were on parade on Aro day in line with the theme of the event: “Our youth, our hope, our development.”

The 2018 Aro day basically witnessed the launch of Aro endowment funds for Aro development. The event which was chaired by Justice Onwuchekwa, President of the Customary Court of Appeal, witnessed tremendous patronage by Aro sons and daughters who graced the events. Aro day 2018 was very colourful.

Aro news:    We hear Eze Aro. His Majesty, Eze Vincent Ogbonaya Okoro CFR invited Nzuko Aro for a close door meeting at his place, what was his message?

PSG:  Well, I am sure, you know that Eze Aro is the first citizen of the Kingdom and everything about Aro is under him. He is the Grand Patron of Nzuko Aro and so he has the authority to call meetings any time to discuss Aro issues with the union. You also know that Nzuko Aro consults him in all issues in the kingdom. Yes, Eze Aro invited Nzuko Aro to his palace and as expected the pack was led by its President General, Mazi George Ezuma, (Ugwu Aro).

That occasion was his usual New year message to Aro nation. He used that meeting to congratulate Nzuko Aro leadership for excellent performance. He said he has pardoned Mazi George Ezuma whom he had earlier fined on allegation of disloyalty to his stool. He called for peace, harmony and efforts to see how Aro can be more developed. His spokesman, Mazi Udo Orie said Eze Aro is happy with the present Nzuko Aro executive and thus have pardoned those who offended him and asked for forgiveness for those he offended. He added that this is the time for Nzuko Aro to begin plans on how to renovate Eze Aro’s palace to a befitting standard.

Aro news:    Was that all that transpired?

PSG: Well No, the occasion saw Eze Aro set up a committee headed by Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa whose responsibility is to resolve the lingering problems between the Palace and Ndi Eze Ogo. That committee has Barrister Steve Amaramiro as secretary. It was a re-union between Eze Aro and present Nzuko Aro led by Mazi George Ezuma . A good outing I must say!

Aro news:    Did Nzuko Aro PG react to Eze Aro’s message?

PSG: Yes, he did. But before then, he asked Prof Okoro Ijoma to thank his His Majesty for the invitation and his good will message which gave impetus to the achievements of the union. Thereafter, the PG thanked Eze Aro and promised that the request to reposition his palace to a befitting one had been on the drawing board, adding that the palace will wear a befitting look soon.

Aro news:    We hear that Aro internal roads are back to life.

PSG:I think, Aro community should be happy with Dr. Alex Otti, OFR. The barrack road to Avia nkwo and Amaikpe, the road from Ibom to Avia nkwo, the road from civic centre to Ugbo and the road from Amangwu to Asaga have all been tarred by NDDC attracted by Dr. Alex Otti. Aro internal roads are good for easy passage. We also thank Senator Mao Ohuabunwa for the rehabilitation of Ugwuavor road. We are told that the 3rd phase of the job would begin in earnest. This time around, attention shall be shifted to Utuhugwu –Ugwuakuma road.  We should continue to pray for these Aro sons as they use their positions to build Aro kingdom.  Aro is making progress.

Aro news: How would you assess the 2019 elections especially as it concerns our own sons?

PSG:  It is a sad story to tell. Calamity fell on Aro kingdom in that election. The loss of Senator Mao Ohubunwa was the beginning of our woes. His defeat by OUK is a bad omen to Aro kingdom whether we like it or not. I have not recovered from the shock because that was not what we bargained for. My community and I would continue to feel bad about Mao’s loss because he is doing a project there.

 Again, the worst came with the outright fall of Dr. Alex Otti, OFR whose victory would have given us recovery. He lost wholly and woefully to a relatively “no march to him” in that election. I have not recovered fromthe shock of those defeats. Aros will not recover from the shock of Dr. Alex Otti’s defeat. It was painful to all Aros and indeed the entire Abia community. Of course, you will recall that the release of the result by INEC saw Abians weeping openly. Abia state will not recover from the shock forever, it is another four years of calamity. Very sad indeed.

Aro news:  What do you think happened to DR. ALEX OTTI OFR. Is it poor preparation or the power of incumbency played out?

PSG:  My brother, I hate to discuss what happened because I saw the failure. As one of the media aides of Dr Alex Otti, I had the privilege of seeing and hearing things happening in government house including their plans for the election. I saw they had bought over all INEC staff. I saw they had security. I saw they would write the result and indeed I knew the day they wrote the result.  I called some party stakeholders on what I heard but there were no answers to those plans by our opponents. They had their way. Please, let us leave that issue and see where God is taking Abia State to. It is only painful that after all the struggles and risks taken, we have nothing to compensate for our efforts. But to God be the Glory.

Aro news: What is Nzuko Aro doing this Easter?

PSG: Our usual CWEC Meeting is sacrosanct. Peace and Aro development would be on the front burner. We are also conducting  elections  for the  new Nzuko  Aro Exco. The George Ezuma led Exco is done with its first tenure. A new Exco is required unless they are returned for a second tenure. Let’s see what happens. Meanwhile, the election time table is out. INEC meeting is on Friday 19th April evening at the Civic centre where details of the election would be spelt out. Election is on Saturday 20th at noon prompt.      Aro historic Civic Centre is venue.

Aro news:  Are you contesting for another tenure?

PSG:  I am yet to decide that. May be before then, I will make up my mind.

Aro news:  Thank you very much PSG for your time. What an interesting way to summarize Nzuko Aro activities for the year ended. You have done well. Congratulations.

PSG:  It is my pleasure and I thank you for this space at all times. We should also pray for the souls of Nzuko Aro personalities who joined their ancestors recently. We have lost one of the patrons, Mazi Ukwu Udonsi and only recently Comrade Ihueze Obasi Harbor, President of Owerri Branch of Nzuko Aro. He has also been buried. We pray for their souls.

Finally, I cannot but express my appreciation to my personal Secretary, Miracle Onyemata for the assistance she gave me to produce this story. Thank you Miracle.

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