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Aro News:-  Welcome PSG to the Ikeji edition of Aro news, tell us how is Nzuko Aro fairing?

PSG:               It is my pleasure to be part of Ikeji edition of Aro news paper. Nzuko Aro is making tremendous progress in all spheres of its constitutional responsibilities to Aro kingdom. George Ezuma led Nzuko Aro is on top of all issues revolving around Aro peace, security and the development of this great kingdom.

               Everybody is happy to be associated with this team and I am glad am part of it as well. We thank God for the journey so far.

Aro News:   Heard the first tenure of this EXCO expired in April and another election conducted, who and who were elected?

PSG:               Well, in the first place, it is true that the George –Ezuma led EXCO expired in April this year. It is equally true that another election was conducted but in all sincerity, the election was a mere formanty because the team had no opposition. Therefore from the President General to the welfare officers, all were returned unopposed in an election that was conducted by the Patrons led by Mazi Kanu Ivi (Ugwuaro). Other Patrons who participated in the conduct of the election were Prof Okoro Ijoma (Ugwuaro).Mazi Dave Imoko (Ugwuaro), Architect Chima Chijioke (Ugwuaro) and Mazi Okereke Okpara. Let me also inform you that the office of the treasurer General was the only one affected by that Election. The reason is that Mazi Chijioke Okoro (Isakabo) who was occupying it, resigned on grounds that he wanted to serve for only one tenure and his resignation accepted.

Aro News:   So, who is now occupying the seat of the Treasurer General?  

PSG:               A bye Election was conducted to fill in this vacant position and the lot fell on Dr Ohuche who before then was an Ex-officio member of the union. So, as I speak, Dr. Ohuche, a director with CBN, Abuja is the new Treasurer General of Nzuko Aro. Mazi Ijeoma O. Ijeoma (Ochiwor) has also been appointed as ex-officio member to replace Dr. Ohuche. That is the table now. For your records, the re-elected members include, George Ezuma as PG, Dozie Udensi (VPG 1), Nwosu Nwaka  (VPG 2), Sir Anicho Okoro (Sec-General), Chidi Uche (Asst. Secretary General), Mazi Adindu Elekwa (Financial Secretary General), Mazi Clifford Orji (Assistant Financial Secretary General), Dr. Ohuche (Treasurer General), Mazi Eugene Okey Imuoh (Publicity Secretary- General), Barr. King Nwosu (Legal Adviser)etc.  It was a unanimous opinion that this team should continue in their good works.

Aro News:   Now that your mandate has been renewed for another three years; what is your new Agenda for Aro nation?

PSG:               That’s a nice one. Well, we have to consolidate on our achievements so far. There are crisis in Aro villages. We have insecurity problems. Drugs are sold and smoked openly in villages. That breeds criminality.  We hear there are brothels or call it hotels springing up in Aro where prostitutes now buy and sell with their bodies. These are enormous issues that constitute a big challenge to the administration of Nzuko Aro now. We cannot pretend over it. So, the second outing of this executive will work to ensure that these issues are addressed and nipped on the bud. Aro kingdom cannot develop if the villages are divided and lawlessness everywhere. The union will also use the connection of its members to continue its developmental programmes.  New things would surface. Just keep watching. We are happy that the union is now at peace with Eze Aro whose collaboration has given us the zeal to work even harder to develop Aro kingdom. It is our promise that a lot would change by the time we complete our last tenure.

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