Atani Welfare Union re-elects Chekwas President General


Mazi Chekwas Oti was on Saturday the 21st of September 2019 at the Atani Hall, Arochukwu re-elected unopposed as President General of Atani Welfare Union.

The day’s activities commenced with a praise and worship session led by Mazi Oti and Barr. Ken Ogbonnaya. Thereafter, the President General’s speech was read. It highlighted the achievements of the administration, which is not limited to the Atani Education/empowerment outreach, remodeling/renovation of the Atani Hall and cordial relationship with the Eze Ogo and his cabinet.

Before election commenced, Eze Ogo Atani, Mazi Charles Okoro, addressed the house. He extolled the virtues of members of the exco and thanked Umu Atani for supporting the team and thereafter, blessed kola nuts to signify commencement of the exercise.

A three-man electoral team comprising Dr. A.E Odoemelam (Chairman), Mazi Okoro Nwaka and Dr Gloria Ukpabi was appointed to conduct the election. And after a peaceful process, the following persons were elected to steer the leadership of Atani Welfare Union for the next three years. They are: Mazi (Elder) Chekwas Albert Oti – President General; Mazi (Barr.) Kenneth O. Ogbonnaya, Mazi Smart O. Nwachukwu, 2nd Vice President General (elected), Mazi (Pastor)Henry E. Nsidinanya, Secretary General and Mazi Iheanyi Obaa, Assistant Secretary General.

Others are, Mazi Iheanyi Adiele,Treasurer; Mazi Onuwa Ubah, Financial Secretary General; Mazi Okoroafor Ulu Oti, Welfare Officer 1; Mazi Joseph Ottah, Welfare Officer 2; Mazi Godson Onyegbule, Publicity Secretary General; Mazi Oby Oti, Provost General; and Barr. Soni Kanu Legal Adviser


Oath of allegiance and due diligence was administered on the newly elected team by the Traditional Prime Minister of Atani village, Mazi Chris Mbadiwe Kanu, while the newly re-elected PG thanked God and umu Atani and promised to do more in their second term.

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