Islamization of Nigeria, the role of Christians

Eucharia Oti

A very Happy Easter to everyone. It is indeed, a privilege to be alive to celebrate this special and remarkable season. Easter is indeed, a very special and remarkable season because, it is the reason for our faith as Christians. The reason being that, if Jesus had not resurrected from death, our faith would have been meaningless. But thanks be to God our Father, who glorified Himself, and gave us a reason to celebrate.

This topic is therefore apt, as it addresses very crucial issues, bothering  on our individual and collective responsibilities towards  the growth or, destabilization of the church, which Christ died for. It  also calls for sober reflection at a time like this  because, it is an acknowledged  fact that most of us have either  consciously, or unconsciously, played roles that have kept us where we are today.

Recently, the word- Islamization has taken a centre stage in all media and social sectors. It has also remained a major discuss in many Christian gatherings, while maintaining  a  priority position  during prayers and sermons. 

For me, I have decided to take a different approach, when  such sermons are preached; and when  prayer points are raised in same direction. My simple approach is to pray for us Christians to sincerely look inwards, and do the needful, instead of blaming others for our problems because, a carefully observation shows that, the cause of our  problems is a case of enemy within. Jesus made us to understand that “a house divided against its self, cannot stand.

As much as it is not a hidden fact that we have suffered unimaginable lot in the hands of these sect, what breaks my heart is the supposedly double barrelled roles, the people that call themselves Christians are playing to fast track this gruesome , and henieous  agenda.

First, the Eastern businessmen have been fingered as major players in the influx of Fulani herders into the Eastern States, which is a Christian enclave.  This implies that, about 80% of those cattle  that destroy the farm lands of our people are owned by our sons and daughters, who see it as their ‘ legitimate business’. Those uncircumcised  marauders who rape our women, kill, and maim our men and women  right in our homesteads, are under the  employment of our people.  Maybe, because they did not send them to commit these atrocities, they are therefore, innocent. Why have we taken it upon ourselves to destroy our land, while we blame it on others. I think a simple logic, and discipline and bond would have kept our land safer for us.  Unfortunately, we have found ourselves in an environment where self is always a priority. Therefore, actualization of any set rule becomes a problem.  What we call customs and traditions  today, are the rules and principles  of living, our fore fathers laid down for  us. We hear of communities who do not eat a particular food. They did not wake up one morning to forbid  such food . It is as result of a pronouncement made by their forefathers, which could stem from a negative experience they had with such food.  We have a case in our hands now. What are we waiting for? Why can’t we forbid cattle meat in our communities, and be free from this torment?

No businessman takes his goods where he knows he will not get patronage.  We romance with them because we are comfortable eating the contaminated animals the breeders do not eat. I fear for our people! Even in Aro land, I find it difficult to believe that one cannot buy goat meat from any Aro market, unless you want to buy a life goat. How possible can this be? The only meat available on the tables of meat sellers in Aro remains cattle meat. Tell me why they will not remain in our midst, to carry out their agenda. If we are waiting for the day any government will announce that Nigeria is now an Islamic nation, it may never come. They only announcement you may hear, is this unpalatable romance, which is engendering the agenda.

Secondly, we  consciously, or unconsciously  manufacture, and as well import stories,  videos, and voice messages, spiced with horrific comments, that lives the rest of the Christian  masses, hopeless, and confused. To make matters worse, we are always emotionally coerced  into accepting this ugly reality.

My worries are, whether they are reality on ground, or wherever, as it appears, we seem to be more interested in making puns out of the already fractured  situation,   because, no one talks, or makes effort  about the solution(s) to the problem. Rather, people tend to negatively fertilize the evil seed , by giving it undue prominence and publicity.

On another note, My greater worries lies on the facts that Christians are the ones that gave room for the Islamization of Nigeria, and are still championing it. How?  one may ask. The answer (s) to this truth, or allegation, if you choose to call it is not far fetched. It started like little drops of water in Ebonyi State. What our preachers do, is to burden, the congregation, by condemning the converted Christians, and their converters, who are simply doing the work of their master, via “evangelism”.

What Is Evangelism ?

From the little scriptures I have read, I understand evangelism, as it is written in the book of James 2: 14- 18 “ What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds ? Can such Faith save him?  Suppose a brother or sister is without cloths and daily food. If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed “. But does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, Faith by itself , if it is not accompanied with action, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do “. 

This scripture opened my eyes as to why Jesus never left the multitude to go away hungry, He always had compassion on them, thereby,  giving them food, and free medical care ( healing)icing it  with the Word of Life. None of these packages was given without the other. That was also the reason, they were always looking out for Him, and ready to listen to Him. I also, understood that, because the people in the remote areas are most vulnerable, that was also why Jesus, in Acts 1: 8 instructed His disciples to also, take the good news to the uttermost parts of the earth. 

Unfortunately, the contemporary church  prefer evangelism of convenience,  while we blame others for our failure. According to the book of James where I quoted earlier, the Moslems have always  demonstrated their Faith, through their works. What are their works ? Feeding the poor, and clothing them. They build hospitals and schools for them. They care for them, and give them hope. The people have no option than to listen to whatever message they brought with their baggage of care. Anybody in their shoes of vulnerability would possibly do the same.

It is also right to note here that, the Moslems are not collecting special offerings to actualize this. It takes few devoted wealthy Moslems, who are dedicated to their calling and Faith.  I do not know if there are wealthy Imams, and Moslems who go on private jets, and oversea ministrations, while they have willing converts at home. While these “unbelievers” are busy feeding the flock of Christ with sweet-bitter herbs, and taking them away, we are busy complaining, and shouting Islamization. 

It is a shame to note that, the Christendom has wealthy ministers, who milk the congregation dry, for their self aggrandizement. They parade the world on their private jets, bought from the mites of their congregation, while the flocks of Christ are being led away in to darkness. 

When a Pastor is posted to any remote area,  it is to serve as a punishment. Why are we crying Islamization?  The children of an average Nigerian cannot attend the schools that are built from the collections and offerings made in the church because, they cannot afford the exorbitant fees; yet, we are crying Islamization. For the Churches, and evangelical groups who are trying hard under difficult conditions to reach out to these people, their messages are  like the Biblical  parable of the Sower. Unfortunately, greater majority of their seeds, fall on bad soil. 

The reason is because, we give the Word to hungry people without food and clothing.  The people we judge and condemn, give food and clothing first, before the Word. That is a strategy we must adopt now, for us to Christianize Nigeria. Anyone careful to observe will notice that, their act of charity is focused more on the vulnerable Christians.  The simple logic is that, their people at that level are comfortable where they are because, it is part of their religious existence.  They are not afraid of losing them. It is a case of he that is down, need no fear to fall.

We may have also noticed their “useful idiots “ in our midst. The ones that, for the sake of their bellies, they now bear- Alhaji Mohammed Nwosu etc. They are the baits to catch the hunger bartered Christians in the hinterlands, where they could not penetrate. They are their grassroot evangelists.  The local churches has a role to play, to stop this. If you do not have enough to share, cry out to your sons and daughters to help you take care of your vulnerable members. 

The church has a long way to go, if you ask me because, the welfare of their members seem to be a tertiary issue; especially those in the cities. Regrettably, the quest for the contemporary church to acquire property in the name of growth, has made the church more financially driven, than evangelical. Who is to blame? The Moslems, or the vulnerable? Even the finances generated, how many churches care for their less privileged members? I know that we have some churches, and Christains, who are really striving to impact in the lives of these vulnerable Christians, and should be commended. But, the number is not encouraging at all.

It is because of this financial drive the contemporary church has adopted that has opened the door for dreaded black wolves in Cassock into the church of Christ, parading themselves as “pastors “. They kill and maim , and bury all kinds of livestock, even human beings in their evil alters to attract miracle seeking members. So we find ourselves being bartered both ways by the known and unknown evils. 

If am right, we have three Christian States, whose Governors, pasts, and present built magnificent Mosques in the states Capital, and even sponsor Islamic projects, and they are Christians. 

The problem is, the social Christians are not ready to help in Christianization of Nigeria because of their personal  political gains, the religious Christians are busy displaying their supposedly blessings from God.

 In Forbes Magazine, Guinness book of Records, and every available social media, while the sincere Christians, are like remnants, they are handicapped. What they have cannot go a long way in salvaging the already fractured  situation.

So, my question is, Who Is Islamizing Nigeria ?

Your Concerned Sister and Friend 

Lady UK C OTI 

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