Atani Holds Prayer Summit


On Friday 20th March 2020, Atani Welfare Union organized a deliverance and reconciliation prayer meeting for peace and unity in the village. 

The prayer vigil which held at Atani hall was preceded by a prayer and fasting session and is meant to rededicate the land to God and seek solution to the crisis that had lingered for over 15 years in Atani Agbor between Atani-agbor Nnano and Igburukwu compounds respectively.

According to the coordinator of the prayer summit, Rev. Tony Uzo Anthony who is also the founder and President of Atani Ministers Forum, it was agreed at the prayer summit that Atani-Agbor Nnano and Igburukwu  should sheathe  their swords until peace is achieved. This was accepted by both parties involved and will be finalized at the next general meeting of the Union.

He saluted the courage and dedication of the current President General Atani Welfare Union, Mazi Chekwas Albert Oti and thanked God for the giant strides he has made in Atani and for taking a bold step in initiating this reconciliatory move. He prayed God to continue to bless him. 

The PG, Mazi Oti on his part, thanked God for the success of the prayer summit and thanked all the Ministers of God from Atani who attended the summit

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