Update on ‘Ovia Uwasi’ Eze Aro


Following the announcement of Eze Aro’s Ovia Uwasi, the Ezecutive Committee of Nzuko Arochukwu has held series of consultations with the family, Eze Ibom Isii, Eze Eze Agwu n’Okwara Agwu, national patrons and Nde Ogo.
The meetings reviewed the state of affairs in the kingdom and how to ensure proper rites of passage for our sage in the best Aro tradition.

The meetings were able to restore peace among the Arianzu, Eze Ibom Isii, Eze Ezeagwu n’Okwara Agwu and Nde Ezeogo. They committed to henceforth work together for the progress of the Kingdom.

Three months period of mourning has been declared with effect from 26th December, 2020.
To this end, the traditional activities of ARO DAY will not hold. In its place, there will be a road rally through the 19 villages in honor of the departed Eze. (Details will be announced soon).
Similarly, all villages are directed to cancel activities to mark the village day for 2020. (Please, note that ceremonies by individuals and families such as weddings and burials are not affected).

Nzuko Arochukwu, therefore, sets up a national rites of passage committee (Aro National Burial Committee) to plan and execute the series of events and ceremonies that will be the pride of every Aro.
Please see the details below:

Following the transition of the custodian of Aro heritage, Eze Aro, Mazi Ogbonnaya Okoro, CFR, after wide consultations with the Aro traditional institution, and Nde Aro at home and in disapora, the Executive Committee of Nzuko Arochukwu, hereby sets up Aro National Burial Committee and Sub-Committees with the following members:

  1. Mazi (Prof.) Okoro Ijoma, Chairman
  2. Mazi EKO Ivi
  3. Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa
  4. Dr. O. J. Nnanna
  5. Hon. Justice Anyalewechi Onwuchekwa
  6. Mazi Dave Imoko
  7. Mazi Arc. Chima Chijioke
  8. Dr. Ochi Achinivu
  9. Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa
  10. Mazi Dr. Alex Otti
  11. Mazi Nnamdi Udoh
  12. Sir Chikwe Udensi
  13. Mazi Emmauel Kanu
  14. Mazi Jideofor Orji
  15. Hon. Mike Ukoha
  16. Mazi Lawson Obasi
  17. Mazi Ike Okoronkwo
  18. Mazi S.I.C. Okoli
  19. Dr. Okoro Ukpabi
  20. Barr. Chijioke Orji
  21. Dr. Okey Onyeador
  22. Mazi Frank Agodi
  23. Dr. Emma Nwadeyi
  24. Mazi George Ezuma
  25. Mazi Chris Okoro
  26. Mazi Goddy Ijeomah
  27. Dr. Uche Orji
  28. Mazi Bank Anthony Okorafor
  29. Dr Okey Ijomanta
  30. DIG Ivy Okoronkwo
  31. Hon. Mrs. Nwada Igwe
  32. Hon. Nnanna Ngwu
  33. Lady Bright Elekwa
  34. Barr. Mrs Carol Okorafor
  35. Prof Nnenna Nkanno
  36. Mazi Okereke Okpara
  37. Barr. Joy Chiori
  38. Mazi Anicho S. Okoro, member/secretary

*Terms of Reference *
1) To organise a befitting burial for our departed sage.
2) To mobilize resources for the funeral ceremonies.
3) To supervise and monitor the sub- committees for effective delivery.
4) To take other steps necessary to ensure that our revered monarch is laid to rest in the proper way.

*Sub committees *
A. Contact/ Protocol Members:

  1. Mazi Dozie Udensi – Chairman
  2. Mazi Ernie Onwumere, Secretary
  3. Mazi Naira Okorafor
  4. Prof. Alex Ugwumba
  5. Hon. Mike Ukoha
  6. Mazi Frank Agodi
  7. Hon. Mrs Nwada Igwe
  8. Mazi Chekwas Oti

Terms of Reference
To identify and contact all relevant governments, communities and dignitaries to participate in the ceremonies.

B. Publicity/ Publications Members:

  1. Mazi Ugochukwu Okoroafor, Chairman
  2. Dr Orji O. Orji – Member
  3. Dr Azubuike Okoro
  4. Mazi Okey Imuoh
  5. Mazi Okoro Nwaka
  6. Mazi Chijioke Ogbonnaya
  7. Barr. Eustace Njaka, Secretary

Terms of Reference

  1. To ensure adequate pre and post event publicity.
  2. To produce a souvenir brochure for the event.
  3. To identify and engage masters of ceremonies.
  4. To take other steps necessary to ensure that the events are appropriately documented/archived for the present and future.

C. Venue Members:

  1. Mazi Ike Onu – Chairman
  2. Barr King Nwosu – Member
  3. Mazi Chidi Uche Okoro, Secretary
  4. Mazi Julius Imuoh
  5. Dr Kenneth Ngwogu
  6. Mazi Aniche Abah
  7. Mazi Okoronkwo Asonta
  8. Mazi Uche Oti

Terms of Reference

  • To identify and put in proper shape all the venues for the ceremonies.
  • To ensure adequate arrangements are made for guests.

D. Culture/Entertainment Members:

  1. Mazi Ijoma Obasi Ijoma – Chairman
  2. Prof. Nnenna Kanno
  3. Mazi Donalson Nworgu- Member
  4. Mazi Kanu Oji
  5. Dr (Mrs) Helen Ukpabi
  6. Mazi Chimere Ikenga
  7. Princess Dr. Nnennaya Onoh
  8. Mazi Ciiff Orji
  9. Mrs Grace Okaro
  10. Mazi Torty PG Agbagwu
  11. Mrs Charity Oti, Secretary

Terms of reference

  • To arrange manage entertainment of guests at the events.
  • To identify and get relevant traditional dances, masquerades and performances to showcase at the ceremonies.

E. Finance Members:

  1. Dr. Alex Otti – Chairman
  2. Mazi George Ezuma
  3. Mazi Ike Okoronkwo
  4. Mazi Lawson Obasi
  5. Mazi Chimezie Orji
  6. Dr. Emma Nwadeyi
  7. Dr. Uche Orji
  8. Mazi Goddy Ijeomah
  9. Mazi Ikechukwu Okafor
  10. Sir Adindu G. Elekwa, Secretary

Terms of Reference

  • To source and manage funds raised for the event/ceremonies.

*F. Security Sub-Committee Members:

  1. DIG Ivy Okoronkwo, Chairman
  2. Sir Chikwe Udensi
  3. Dr Kanu Ohuche
  4. Mazi Nkem Okoro
  5. ACP Mbadiwe
  6. Mazi Jerry Onwumere
  7. Mazi Nwosu Nwaka, Secretary

Terms of Reference:

  • To ensure adequate security for the events.

Nzuko Aro seeks the support of Umu Aro especially, during this period of mourning.

Mazi George Ezuma
President General

Mazi Anicho S. Okoro
Secretary General

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