How God used Sen Ohuabunwa to rescue me – Aro Ward 3 councillor


The Councillor for Arochukwu Ward 3, Hon. Lawrence Ifeanyi Okoroafor Nwanga, has sensationally alleged how the Chairman of Arochukwu Local Government Area, Hon. Kalu James Kalu prodded his henchmen to beat him (Nwanga) up to the point of endangering his life.

Nwanga made the allegation in a narration he personally wrote to Aro News as follows:

“It all happened on the 13th day of March, 2018, at about 4:15pm, when we just finished sitting at our chambers. I was coming out of the local government compound with some of my colleagues, suddenly we saw the Arochukwu Local Government Chairman, Hon. Kalu James Kalu, shouting kill him, kill him as we were approaching and it happened to be one of us – Emeka Bonny aka Delazz. But he too escaped. The Chairman turned to me and started shouting at me, ‘you Hon Nwanga, you are among those who summoned the local government Treasurer. Before I knew what was going on, the Chairman hit me on the chest. As I wanted to run for my life, the driver kicked me and I fell down and I hit my head on the road, and blood started gushing out of my nose and mouth.

“I became unconscious, only recovered in Arochukwu General Hospital where I was admitted. When my condition didn’t improve after all, our distinguished Senator who was brief immediately after the attack on me, directed that I should be moved to the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia.

“It was at the F.M.C that I was recommended to undergone some test such as T.C scan. My Senator later flew in from Abuja to pay me a visit at on hospital bed in F.M.C Umuahia. He also paid my medical bill. I was discharged from F.M.C on Friday 16th March, 2018, and asked to come on Tuesday 20/3/2018 for the result of T.C scan.

“I want to sincerely thank and commend the effort of my distinguished Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, the Senator representing Abia North for coming to my rescue.”

Aro News however engaged the Arochukwu Local Government Chairman Hon. Kalu James Kalu in a telephone conversation. When asked about the allegation, the chairman stated categorically that he has no problems with anybody talkless of his councilors. He stated that his mission was to maintain peace and order in the LGA and amongst his councillors, staff of the LGA and the entire people of Arochukwu. He went further by stating that there are 19 councillors in the LGA and that even the Speaker of the legislative council is from and Arochukwu and challenged Aro News to speak with any of the councillors to find out if he had issues with any of them.

‘Like I said earlier, I have no problem with anyone. My duty is to maintain peace, if the councilors have issues amongst themselves and it is brought to my knowledge, I think my duty is to ensure that peace reigns and settle the matter. All the 19 councillors and I are from the same people, the PDP. So why should I have problems with anyone’

Collaborating the chairman’s narration, another councillor who also spoke with Aro News on the phone, stated that the incident occurred between one of the chairman’s boy and Hon Nwanga and that the chairman was not involved in the physical attack on Nwanga. He stated that money was the main cause of the problem and that the chairman had insisted on several occasions that money be shared equally amongst the councillors but the greedy ones refused to heed Hon. Kalu’s advice.

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