OPU Exco commended for purposeful leadership


The leadership of Obinkita Patriotic Union, Arochukwu has been commended for offering purposeful leadership to the people of Obinkita village, Arochukwu. The commendation was made by Mazi Oji Ogbonnaya Akweke, Ezeogo Obinkita, while receiving in audience the executive committee of OPU who paid him a courtesy visit in his Palace at Obinkita, Arochukwu, recently.

Mazi Akweke noted that the OPU led by Mazi S B Okoro, had within its tenure delivered on its mandate by pursuing with vigour, the upgrading of projects such as the Obinkita Ultra Modern Town Hall and establishment of a Primary Health Centre, at Akama, among other projects.

The Ezeogo thanked Obinkita people for their loyalty, recalling that at no time had the people turned down his instructions and/or advices. He urged all sons and daughters of the community to live in peace and harmony.

Earlier, Mazi S B Okoro, President General, Obinkita Progressive Union, had welcomed branch delegates and members of the Union to their annual and of year meeting at the Obinkita Ultra Modern Town Hall with a message of hope.

In his opening remarks, the PG expressed satisfaction with the support he has received since the inception of his administration, stressing that any achievement recorded by his administration could not have been possible without the support of members and the entire good people of Obinkita.

In a seeming score card, since the tenure of the current executive expires November, 2017, the PG recalled that his administration came on board in June 2013 and within the period of three years and three months; had been able to remodel Obinkita Village Hall from a bungalow to a storey building as well as attracted the building of a Modern Primary Health Centre to the village.

He said his team has a slogan ‘’Forward ever Backward never’’ and called on the people of Obinkita village to do their best for their community quoting the former American President, John Kennedy: ‘’Think of what to do for America and not what America can do for you’.’

The meeting later undertook a facility tour to the Primary Health Centre at Akama. The Health Centre which is a Federal Government of Nigeria project also has a three-bed room doctor’s quarters, security house and a generator house nearing completion. It is expected that the project would be commissioned soon.

The well attended meeting witnessed an atmosphere of conviviality with members dressed in their colouful Arochukwu traditional attire.

By Emmanuel Emenike

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