Fanfare as ‘Onye Arianzu’ celebrates 87th birthday…calls on Ụmụ Aro to unite


All roads led to Oror, the abode of the Aro monarch, Mazi Ogbonnaya Okoro (CFR) on the 12th of July 2019 as his royal assistant, Mazi Oji Kanu Oji, aka Onye Arianzu marked his 87th birthday.

The event featured cutting of birthday cake and a toast. Friends, family and well wishers who came to celebrate with him shared their testimonies about the living legend. The event also saw members of the Ekpe Society in their colorful attires spicing up the show.

After the ceremony, the celebrant granted Aro News correspondent, Praise Genesis, an interview:

Aro News: Ndewo Mazi.

Oji Kanu Oji (OKO): Ndewo Nna.

Aro News: How do you feel today celebrating your 87th birthday? 

OKO: I am grateful to God Almighty, the giver of life for keeping me in good health. Many of my mates are dead or sick but I am healthy and strong and going about my businesses without issues. It is God that did it. When people see me playing with little children, they think I am half my age. 

Aro News: How do you manage the affairs of the kingdom?

OKO: It is God’s gift of wisdom. You don’t rule over an Aro man. As a leader, you only follow them; so it takes special wisdom to handle things here and it is done democratically. 

Aro News: Ikeji Aro is fast approaching, how are the preparations going on? 

OKO: Ikeji will commence early September. I have prepared the calendar already and it has been sent to Eze Aro for approval. Once the calendar is approved, it will be made public. Eke Ekpe this year will be on a Sunday until next year when we will have a leap year but all the necessary arrangements have been made.

Aro News: What are your prayers for Ụmụ Aro?

OKO: I keep praying for Umụ Aro to live long and in good health and to prosper in all their endeavours. I also pray for God to unite the kingdom.

Aro News: Ndewo Mazi and happy birthday.OKO: Thank you very much for coming

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