Aro Okeigbo, My Love, My Pride!

Eucharia Oti

The Arochukwu Kingdom remains a unique and peculiar kingdom. The peculiarity of this KINGDOM, which I see as a great virtue, cannot be overemphasized. I can say it over, and over again.

I just felt like pouring my heart out, on how I feel about Arochukwu. I love Aro with a great passion, just like every other NwaAro.  I have seen, heard, and read how Umu Aro profess their love for Aro Kingdom, and thisgets me more excited. I havemost times, proudly introducedmyself as anAro, even when such introduction is not necessary. Even in such cases, I have also gotten comments or replies like -” ndi Aro a sef, obodo ha n’ato hakaee“.

Please, permit me to ask this question? Hasany of your non Aro friends or colleagues asked you, or wondered why you are always travelling home confidently, in, and out of season? I know dozens of people, ndi Igbo for that matter, who dread going to their home towns. Some see the beautiful love story I tell them about Aro as fairy tales, infact unimaginable tales. But for us, they are true life stories.

It is a true life story that, if Mazi A, lives his drink to go and ease himself in any gathering, on his return, he continues with same drink, without any fear of poisoning. It is a true life story that not owning a house of ones own does not prevent one from coming home because, “ Aro bu Olu” (Aro is one large family).  The home of relatives, whether kindred, in laws, friends, etc, also serves as your home. Per adventure, for convenience reasons, one chooses not to lodge in any of these places, Aro has affordable, decent hotel accommodations that can take care of such needs.

It is a true life story that, “Aro n’akpa isi okwu, wo anaghi ese okwu“ ( Aro discusses subject matters, they do not  quarrel). This is the reason you will see people argue vigorously on matters during meetings, as if the heavens want to let loose, immediately that subject matter is over, same people will joke and laugh as if nothing ever  happened.  It is a true life story that Aro practices, “ Anya bewe, imi esoro ya bewe O nuru ube nwanne agbala oso “This is a song of solidarity, Umu Aro knows how to sing, and dance very well. It is also a true life story that, Aro are very contented people. That is why stories of ritual killings (Ogwu ego) can never be linked to Aro.

Dressed in our plain joji , we look more beautiful, and elegant more than other people! I can go on and on. We have many true life stories that makes us distinct as a people. You can remember some, and add to these.

I am sure thatwith these few points of mine, (I know you are smiling at this point) I have been able to remind you, that, there is no place that cantake the place of home, in the life of any person or people. That is why no other place can give you the type of peace we enjoy in Aro.

Overtime, I have come to observe that, I sleep like a baby any time I come home. Just like my dear husband, we look forward to that special undisturbed, stress free sleep, anytime weare in Aro, light, or no light.  That is what makes it a HOME.I am sure we are not the only people that are enjoying this wonderful experience.

We are a blessed nation. A distinct people.Our bond of one large family is founded in the tripartite kindred; Okennachi, Ibom Isii, and Eze Agwu . Everybody is related to one another. We can be likened to conjoined twins. I want to believe that, no existing generation of Aro Kingdom was part of this special breed kind of creation. We were either birthed into it, or married into it. For those who are privileged to be birthed into it, they had no choice. They did not choose where to be born, but God in His infinite wisdom, made you an Aro son, or daughter, for a special purpose. For those who where married into it, they actually had a choice to become Aro, or not. But they consciously chose to become Aro, because of what they saw.

Now, the matters arising are, if you are privileged, by the reason of birth, fall into the first category of those, who where not part of the decision to become nwa Aro; but became nwa Aro, have you discovered the purpose God made you nwaAro? If for reason of ignorance, you have not made any attempt to discover why God made you nwa Aro, are you ready to sincerely work that walk, to know why God made you nwa Aro? This is very important as we know that,God is neither an author of confusion, nor mistake.

For those, who by reason of marriage, consciously chose to become Aro, this is directed to the women, Aro wives. Are you working out your matrimonial manifesto very well to the best of your ability?  Are youa member of Inyom Aro, and her developmental projects? Are you helping to build Aro, our home, or tearing it down with your own hands?By third week of October, Aro women, both at home and abroad, will converge at Aroto celebrate their annual Mass Return. They have over the years engaged in several developmental projects, which has been of great benefit to the entire Kingdom.  If you are yet to belong toany of the branches, please do well to belong.

In conclusion, my sincere prayer, and wish for Aro Kingdom, is for God to solidify our tripartite cord, and make it UNBREAKABLE! Let every nwaAro be an agent of peace. When there is peace in every segment of Aro, development will take it’s natural cause.

Long Live Aro Okigbo!

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  1. Frank Oti 28 December, 2019 at 02:36 Reply

    Quite a few points made on uniqueness , but more concerning points are also worth mentioning. Too many individually raised structures with road accesses planned in, little or non existent publicity owned project. Nothing new since after the civic centre, The major road running through the length of the town still remains a patchy job throughout, road bumps are horrendous , takes a vehicle to go down to ground zero before picking up again. There isn’t much of collective projects and not keeping to certain standards especially those stupid wall fencing that covers the beautiful houses, makes the town ugly. Leadership must think precisely on standards and not this yearly awards

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