Aro 2019 awards feud: How Alex Otti intervened, saved situation


It was nothing short of divine intervention on Sunday, November 24, 2019, at Nzuko Aro Lagos branch meeting when Umu Aro heralded the presence of Dr. Alex Otti.

Ugwu Aro had just flown in from a function to rub minds with his fellow Umu Aro in Lagos, to douse the tension generated by the Aro Awards 2019 controversy.

After observance of meeting protocol, Dr. Otti proceeded to the main business of the day. Hear him:

“I was reliably told about an escalating misunderstanding between Nzuko Aro Lagos branch and the centre in respect of Aro awards 2019 and decided to intervene.”

“I thank you all for expressing concern; for protection of the integrity of our dear Arochukwu and the criteria for award qualification. At same time, I beg everyone to sheathe their sword over this matter. We are brothers. Besides, two wrongs cannot make a right.”

“I am strongly opposed to the issue of going to court over it. For, when two brothers, even friends, settle their differences in court, the attendant enmity is everlasting and unimaginable.”

Dr. Otti advised against throwing caution to the wind and finally appealed to Umu Aro, especially the parties involved to calm down and allow him to see to amicable resolution of the matter in the best interest of Arochukwu Kingdom.

His speech was given a resounding ovation to complement his eloquence. The house finally agreed to allow Dr. Otti to handle the situation and report to Lagos branch.

Lagos branch had vehemently objected to the list of awardees published by Nazuko Aro Worldwide, insisting that some persons on the list did not merit the honour.

In fact, the branch had threatened court action if the leadership ignored its protest. The situation culminated in a tensed atmosphere, leaving no one certain if indeed the award ceremony would hold as planned.

Bu Dr Alex Otti’s timely intervention calmed the frayed nerves, thus clearing all obstacles that would have marred the ceremony planned for December 26, on Aro Day.

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