“Omazam na Onu” Syndrome: Is it a blessing or curse in Arochukwu Kingdom?


In the face of great evil, people still say: “See no evil and say no evil. Is it right? It is very synonymous with this common saying in Aro kingdom: “Omazam na Onu”. Do you think the syndrome is the right attitude to be encouraged among us? Shall we continue to pretend and hide from the truth? Should we not be able enough to say the truth always as it is, and stop this acting the Nwa Aro of omazam na onu attitude? Is it not an abomination onto God to act as such? Is this syndrome not destructive and wicked?

I think ‘Omazam na onu’ syndrome is just a ploy that holds any community and people down and keep them captive in perpetual bondage. The scripture even teaches us to know the truth and always speak the truth. And that only the truth can make us free. And here we are faced with this dilemma of “Omazam na Onu’ behavior. If you don’t say it as it is, who then will say it? I think that syndrome is a just a camouflage to encourage falsehood by not speaking out the truth as it is. Some innocent people may have been wrongly punished for a crime they did not commit because someone had refused to say the truth that could have set them free.

Is this truth speaking denial (omazam na onu) attitude part of Nwa Aro Iche, Mkpoala Iche attitude? I think this is a harmful behavior and it may have eaten deep into the fabric of our existence. I think we should all rise up with one voice and flush it out of our Aro system before it’s get many more people into more troubles. I think ‘Omazam na onu’ is purely a ploy to run away from the truth. And this is evil. Let’s kill it. Let’s always speak out the truth without fear or favor and be free in our mind. My dear readers, what are your opinions on this matter? We need more reactions to this unfortunate ‘truth denial syndrome’ from our readers in order to gauge public opinions on the issue with a view to making appropriate recommendations.

Mrs. Phil Adielechi Mbadiwe


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