Future Pillars Club executes community development projects in Amasu


A non-governmental organization committed to providing succor to the grassroots and developing Arochukwu – Future Pillars Club Amasu, Arochukwu – has once more given hope to youths, women and children as they carried out their community development project in Amasu village.

The club founded in 2011 had in the previous years given out educational materials including books, school bags and scholarships to school children, taken care of the aged and widows in the community by providing them with clothes, food items and some cash.

Their recent project was the provision of modern signages for each compound in Amasu, Arochukwu. They mounted the signposts on the entrance of each compound in Amasu. 

The club accomplished these strides through the efforts of its members who are committed to developing the rural communities.

Membership of this club is open to Umu Amasu and Umu Aro whose sole aim is to effect a positive change in youths and sports, education, moral, culture, economy, politics, women and children’s welfare and also to promote friendship and the spirit of Aromanship.

The President of the club, Mazi Ikechukwu Inyama, commended members for being dedicated to their vision and mission statements. He said that the Club will do its best to tackle social vices among the youths by giving them a sense of belonging, maintaining that since they too are youths, they would live to inspire and encourage others. He reminded the government of its responsibilities to the community and nation at large, saying that Future Pillars is only contributing its own quota.

Inyama announced the official launching of Future Pillars Club, Amasu (Keeping Hope Alive), on December 30, at Amasu village square by 2pm.

He therefore called on all well meaning Umu Aro and lovers of good initiatives to join them. He expressed gratitude to Amasu village and Aro Okeigbo for their support and cooperation so far, praying for God’s grace to continue in the years to come.

In his remarks, Eze Ogo Amasu represented said he was overwhelmed with the level of development that Future Pillars has brought to Amasu. He appealed to them not to relent, but live an exemplary life for other youths to emulate. He assured them of the support of the Eze Ogo and his cabinet, and prayed that God will continue to bless them in all their endeavors.

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