Re-integrating the Aros


The Aros have drifted and the pre-eminent cultural, economic, social, and historical pedestal almost denigrated. We now have an opportunity to halt the drift, to unify all Aros wherever they are settled.

ALL ARO USA (AAUSA) Re-Integration Contributions

To start with, I want to inform you that this document is built on Re-integration Committee submission 20 years back to provide context for contemporary issues; albeit All Aro National Conference (ANC) of 2020. One may ask; why is this important? All Aro USA (AAUSA) was formed on the concept of Re-integration of the AROS!

The AAUSA administrations applied re-integration strategies here in the USA elevating attempts to bring Aro Uno and the Aro Diaspora (Izuogu, Ajalli, Ajatakiri, Oru and Izombe, etc) in various States and Cities together under one umbrella (AAUSA).

Re-Integrating the Aros – as boldly depicted on our constitution, is central to the formation and existence of All Aro (USA). For a quick orientation, our objectives are:

  • To get the Aros together wherever they may be domiciled. To articulate cultural, historical and economic development strategies.
  • To establish a permanent institution that will work towards aggregating the resources available to the Aros wherever they live and optimize these resources to project and protect the interest of the Aros Pan-Nigeria, Aros USA and the whole world.

It’s what the Aro Essencerequired from each one of us who wishes to affect the bases for which our organization is founded.

As a promise to our brothers and sisters who wish to advance this Aro Essence, AAUSA past and present leadership made it clear that All Aro (USA) will work fervently to champion the re-integration. Therefore, some specific lessons learned are highlighted below:

  • AAUSA facilitated Eze Aro, His Majesty, Mazi Vincent O. Okoro, CFR and his entourage visit to United States, 2001
  • AAUSA facilitated in the fight for self-existent of Aro Ikpa
  • AAUSA facilitated Eze Aro, His Majesty, Mazi Vincent O. Okoro, CFR, Eze Ibom Isii-Mazi Kanu Okereke Kanu and Eze Ezeagwu-Mazi Okorafor Uroh visit on November 16th-18th, 2001 to Ndi-Eni community in Orumba North, LGA, Anambra State, before the centenary celebration starting in December 2001
  • AAUSA facilitated the support of Aro Ajalli security project, 2015
  • AAUSA donated to Aro Ajatakiri rural electrification project
    via APU
  • AAUSA donated to support Aro Ajalli project
  • AAUSA Executive President, Mazi Frank Agodi Kanu, visited Aro Ajalli in January 2020
  • AAUSA built and equipped medical clinic center in Aro Chukwu when there were lack of functional health center for the healthcare of the town
    • AAUSA embarked on numerous free medical services to Arochukwu
    • AAUSA provides and timely pay monthly salary to the AAUSA medical clinic staffs:
      • Resident medical doctor
      • Certified/Registered Nurse
      • Certified Lab Technician
      • Security man
      • Clinic cleaner/maid
    • In collaboration: Built and equipped a maternity ward Annex on the AAUSA medical clinic center by Nzuko Aro Women Wing’s, Houston
    • AAUSA provided functional Borehole water to the medical clinic center: courtesy, Dr. Sam Okey Ijomanta
    • AAUSA provided and donated defibrators to AAUSA medical clinic and to Nzuko Aro General for the Aro Chukwu Civic Center: courtesy, Dr. Sam Okey Ijomanta and Dr. Ejike Onyeador
    • AAUSA fenced and gated the AAUSA medical clinic for security of its clients  

ALL ARO USA (AAUSA) Re-Integration For Future

  • AAUSA disapprove of the behavior on “Rebuilding the Aro Nation” chat group where some of our members were conveniently removed without reason. We think that it was going to be only a matter of time before the Aro Man shows “his sense” and the purpose for which “we are all Aros” jettisoned
  • AAUSA also observed how Hon. (Dr.) Mike Ukoha effort were treated by some “too know” administrators, only to end up promoting their pet projects in Arochukwu
    • AAUSA recommend that the conference be held in community/diaspora where Aros resides. We believe that should generate trust, comfort, and consequently a healthier brotherly relationship and respect from their neighbors
    • AAUSA believe that as we strive to integrate our people in Diaspora, it is equally important that the integration efforts be continued at home, Nigeria. To this effort AAUSA recommend Eze Aro, His Majesty, Mazi Vincent O. Okoro, CFR (or his representative), Eze Ibom Isii-Mazi Kanu Okereke Kanu, and Eze Ezeagwu-Mazi Okorafor Uroh for regular visitations to these Aro communities
    • All Aro (USA) will collaborate in organizing such trip to the Aro communities such as Arondi-Izuogu, Aro-Ajali, Aro-Ajatakiri, Aro-Ikwere, and Aro-Oguta to mention a few
    • Example is similar visit to OTUTE (Ikeji) 2019 by HRH Eze Ibom Isii, Mazi Kanu Okereke Kanu
    • Also, Aros in the various communities should be encouraged to visit Arochukwu as often as it is practical
  • COLLABORATION: AAUSA is desperately looking to collaborate and partner with Nzuko Aro General and/or any viable organization to fully utilize our equipped medical clinic in provision of basic healthcare to Aro-chukwu community
  • PARTNERSHIP: AAUSA is willing to partner in the area of skill training for our youths in Arochukwu/Diaspora

Below are lists of potential enclaves where we project Aros may exist: The 8 existing chapters are shown in Red color:

We are our brothers’ keepers. It is obvious that Aro Uno needs Aro Uzo and vice-versa. All Aro (USA), under this administration, believes in the “IGWEBUIKE” phenomena of “Aggregating Our Resources” as our mission statement suggests; we are committed to foster peace, unity and understanding among Aros.

On behalf of All Aro (USA), we wish you happy and fruitful deliberations with good resolutions.

Three hearty cheers to the King of Aro Kingdom!!! 

Thanks, and may God bless you.

Long Live Eze Aro!  

Mazi Frank Agodi Kanu, PhD

Executive President, All Aro (USA)

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