Arochukwu entertainment night holds


The expansive hall of the Aro Kingdom Historic Civic Centre played host to a night of top class entertainment on the 30th of December, 2019.  Packaged by Emmy Entertainment and Events organization, the night witnessed a showcase of comedy, dance, talent hunt and many other side attractions. It also gave Umu Aro with budding talents a chance to exhibit and market themselves to many entertainment organizers and sponsors who graced the event

After several hours delay, the event eventually started at exactly 8pm with a green carpet anchored by a Soundcity Correct FM radio presenter Helen Nwachukwu, 

As the night wore on, several upcoming entrepreneurs of Aro origin where given opportunity to display their goods and services.

The Most Beautiful Girl in Aro and his male counterpart graced the event alongside other umu Aro.

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