Nzuko Aro New York/New Jersey Make Giant Strides in Community Dev


Umuaro in North America, under the aegis of Nzuko Arochukwu New York/New Jersey/CT, are setting new pace in social responsibility initiatives as they take community development to new heights with the Arochukwu mortuary project.

The members of NY/NJ/CT who visited Aro in December of 2017 witnessed the deplorable and dilapidated condition of medical facilities in the community, coupled with pictures brought by the wife of the president, which clearly revealed the level of gap in health care delivery, thus majority of the members agreed to assist to help and care for our loved ones.

Accordingly, in 2018 they started the leg work with Dr Ijeoma Nduka (HMB) Director and commissioner for health Abia State. The mortuary facility being developed, which is a multi million naira project, was favorably disposed to by the government, so the group was quickly allocated a piece of land. Also, the government accepted to partner with them on the running of the facility when completed.

When Aro News correspondent visited the project site, he met large number of workers and materials and work was progressing at a very good speed. Some members of the community who were passing by were observed admiring the project and were full of praises for the determination of Umuaro who reside in better environments to ensure that less fortunate ones back home enjoy some benefits of modernity.

One elderly man, perhaps in his early 70s, mistook our correspondent for one of the project promoters, and was full of joy as he prayed God to bless him and his group for the good job they are doing for Arochukwu. According to Mazi Emma Odinakachukwu, President, Nzuko Aro, NY/NY/CT, who was reached on telephone, “we are building this in order to help our community and its environs, and also maintain healthy and quality medical care for our people”.

We understand that it was the sheer hardship which people here are being subjected to in order to access medical assistance that touched the group to start making individual contributions to raise fund for the project. Arochukwu citizens have been suffering untold hardships due to lack of medical facilities as the only government hospital remains in dilapidated condition without facilities and personnel while few available private ones charge exorbitant fees.

Some indigenes travel as far as Ohafia and Umuahia to obtain treatment for simple ailments but with what Umuaro overseas, especially the group building the mortuary project, things would become better in no distant time. Also, families that lose their loved ones would be assured of comfortable mortuary to keep the remains while planning for burials while the hassle of travelling faraway places for mortuary services will no longer be necessary. 

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