Nzuko Aro Women’s Wing UK organise event to acquaint kids with Aro culture


It has been months of unprecedented times as the British public continued maintaining social distancing to save lives!! It got rather unbearable as one wondered how one could continue maintaining social ties and sanity amidst social distancing. 

Against this backdrop, Nzuko Arochukwu Women’s Wing UK branch undertook its first outing and had a picnic at Southwark Park, South East London on August 30, 2020. 

It was the first face-to-face meeting since the birth of Nzuko Arochukwu Women’s Wing UK Branch. The outing presented an opportunity for members to meet and familiarize themselves with one another. It was breathtaking as members celebrated one another, ate drank and danced to the unique Ojojo music.

One of the highlights of the day was the Five Star Awards given by the President, Ada Mazi Ely Umeham to two members of Inyom Aro UK for exceptional exhibition of kindness, love and unwavering understanding. They are Ada Mazi Nene Okoro and Nye Mazi Ruby Aka.  

Both ladies were presented with personalized gifts from the President while Ada Mazi Stella Orji received the award on behalf of Nye Mazi Ruby Aka who could not attend.

Another highlight was the Icebreaker challenge where children in the effort to acquaint themselves with their roots and history, were challenged to name five Arochukwu communities and the following participated: Miss Favour Orji, Miss Esther Orji and Miss Rachel Adaeze Okri. They also went home with gifts presented to them by the President, Ada Mazi Ely Umeham.

Nzuko Arochukwu Women’s Wing UK branch also appointed a new Treasurer in the person of Mrs. Stella-Maris Orji.

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