Nzuko Aro & Iyom: Between Politics & Patriotism

Azubike Okoro

My late uncle, Ma zi Sam Okereke, had a popular proverb that says “if you wrestle with an armature wrestler, the most likely consequence is that both of you will have sand all overyour bodies” What I understand from that proverb is that in such a contest, it won’t be easy to ascertain a winner outright or the party that has upper hand in the duel. The complexity associated with knowing the truth in this particular case is not made easier by motley of interests. The last joint meeting of Nzuko Aro, Ikom and Iyom, Abuja branch, was very interesting on several counts but one issue stood out due to the attention it generated. The Abuja branch president of the women’s wing was asked to report on the election that was to hold at Arochukwu, but even before she stood up, some folks started murmuring in the background. The president got the message and quickly remarked that she knew that many must have gotten the gist of what transpired during the botched election. As she narrated what happened, particularly the issue of insecurity and activities of thugs at the venue, most people expressed disgust with the experience and what lust for power could be pushing our iyom into.

The Nzuko was however relieved when it was informed that the matter will be thrashed and resolved during the CEC meeting scheduled for Enugu. That expectation was eventually dashed, and not even an interim exco that was constituted worked. This impasse was to continue, even with the directive of His Royal Majesty, the Eze Aro of Arochukwu, for the women to work hard to resolve their issues until a letter dated August 15, 2013 reiterated similar concerns. I hear the Aro monarch meant to proscribe the women’s wing after August 31st, 20013 unless the business of electing a new exco was successfully concluded. A new twist, which I consider ugly, that the letter under reference triggered, was the doubts it casted on the sincerity of Nzuko Aro in heeding to advice and carrying outroyal directives. Are the issues bothering on the administration of the women’s wing threatening the relationship that exists between the Aro throne and Nzuko Aro? Is Nzuko Aro truly on the path of honor on this matter? Ordinarily, Nzuko Aro has unfettered access to the monarch, so do they have difficulty reaching back to confirm his stand on this matter?

This is where we need to be careful. Now, whose agenda is being pursued? Between Nzuko Aro and Iyom, who is more or less patriotic on this matter? It also raises other interesting questions. Is the authority of Nzuko Aro and Iyom not derived from the Aro stool, a creation necessitated by the dynamics of modernity to assist the monarch in administering the kingdom? A school of thought believe that what emanated from the seat of power is not ‘all the truth’, another opine that any exco elected outside Arochukwu is flawed as it runs counter to the provisions of Nzuko Aro constitution while another calls all the above falsity. Whose report shall we believe? I see two options in resolving this impasse – the constitution and the throne. Does the constitution contain explicit provisions pertaining to election venue or is it mere practice? What is the position of the throne on this matter? Beyond these two, it’s important for elected officials to avoid actions that could portray them as being partisan on issues of common interest. Otherwise, their integrity will be doubtful. This column was reliably informed that the election that held at Enugu on August 31, 2013 had over 17 branches in attendance with full complement of patrons and officials were duly elected. Will Nzuko Aro reckon with the new exco as possessing popular mandate and work with it? The current mood suggests otherwise. By implication, even though election may have successfully held and new exco in place, the last word may not have been heard on this matter. Certainly, this state of affairs calls for patriotism rather than politics. With these tales of woes what prospect does Ekekpe 2013 holds? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Azubike Okoro

Mazi Azubike Okoro holds two Master’s degrees - Sociology and Human Resource Management- and a Doctorate of Management of Argosy University, Chicago, USA. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria and the Nigeria Institute of Management; he is Member, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) USA and the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), USA. Currently a Director at the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), he founded Aro News in 1997 to encourage research on the culture, history and civilization of the Arochukwu nation. Also, he was the pioneer Publisher/Editor-in-Chief. Dr. Okoro is married with children and resides at Abuja, Nigeria.

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